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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A history of violence, Umno-style

YOURSAY 'Lepar state rep Mohd Shohaimi's explanation reminded me of the case when the Sin Chew Daily reporter was arrested under ISA so as to "protect" her.'

Umno says Nurul Izzah not attacked, but protected

your sayL Joy: PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar was addressing a relatively small crowd of about 100, which the video of that ceramah shows.

And Umno's Lepar assemblyperson Mohd Shohaimi Jusoh, whose assistant led a noisy group aimed at disrupting the ceramah, claims he wanted to protect Nurul from his very own gang of thugs?

This is as stupid as the prime minister - giving out ridiculous excuses and unable to defend what they did. And what were the police doing; as usual playing guardians to Umno thugs?

PM Najib Razak and gang are like senseless Mafia, where one and all are rooted in corruption and the only thing holding them together are the criminal acts that they have to cover for each other.

Nurul, carry on with the Felda ceramahs, you are on the right track when you see Umno resorts to such acts.

Akutuan: Next time if I grab the microphone when the menteri besar of Pahang is speaking, I hope Umno will support me because I am protecting the MB from some of my relatives who are angry with his speech.

Anonymous_3e06: I am an Indian Malaysian and I am angry about what is happening to Indians in this country. Does that mean I can walk to an Umno minister and slap him while he is giving a speech?

What kind of lame excuses are the Umno thugs making up? Their leaders are keeping quiet and the police inaction speaks volumes.

Umno might come back to power with a greater majority, but in the process you are creating thugs and gangsters who continue to function as such.

Can Umno leaders live with that? It's time to rethink what you are doing with these youth.

Justice Pao: The Umno members are learning from their former bosses like a former home minister who said he was trying to protect a reporter when he arrested her and put her in detention.

Here they said they were trying to protect Nurul Izzah when the evidence showed that they were going to attack her.

EugeneT: Oh my, I'm chuckling in disbelief. First they said Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's car 'grazed' an Umno memberin Johor, then they claimed to be provoked by anti-Lynas protestors in Penang, now they claim they are protecting Nurul Izzah?

The entertainment industry in Malaysia will surely flourish with these clowns and comedians.

Senior Citizen: How ridiculous can these Umno thugs be? Protecting someone is different from attacking someone and that too in front of the public.

I hope Pakatan leaders from now on till the end of elections starts engaging their own bodyguards for each of their leaders. Umno has gone mad and even amok as they are all under the spell of the devil.

If Umno can even engage gangsters to attack women, then nobody is safe. Our country is devoid of the police. If there is such a force, then they are all living on taxpayers funds for free.

Anwar, please take all precautions for your own safety. If you need funds to engage bodyguards just announce it and we will all contribute.

Remember some of the greatest leaders in the world were assassinated and we grieve for them to this day.

Here Is a New Name: Why would anyone want to hear Nurul speak? After all, the only things that come out of the opposition's mouths are BN, Umno and NFC (National Feedlot Corporation), Felda, Lynas and stuff like that.

The point is, tell the public something new, like what can you do for your country and rakyat as an elected representative. The answer: Nothing.

Jaguh: In the light of so many thuggish activities by Umno Youth, one question is: Why are Pakatan dignitaries not given equal attention and protection by the police?

In the western world or in any civilised society, as long as one is an elected lawmaker, they have the right to be protected.

Are our police told to only protect BN lawmakers? Something is not right about our constitution and our police.

Good Men: This should be a lesson for all organisers of Pakatan Rakyat ceramah from now on to make sure at least eight people are assigned to record the going-ons from all angles.

Especially when going into Umno strongholds like the Felda settlements because Umno is getting desperately scared and this tactic will become more common ala Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe, where the opposition's followers, campaigners and sympathisers were beaten up and even killed.

They are now trying to intimidate the rural folk from attending ceramah organised by the oppposition. Record their antics and post them on YouTube.

KJ Lim: What kind of nonsense is this? Lepar assemblyperson Mohd Shohaimi's explanation reminded me of the case when the Sin Chew Daily reporter was arrested under ISA so as to "protect" her.

Days ago, Umno members harassed the chief minister of Penang and the leaders of BN tried their best to twist the facts that he was the one who provoked them.

Now, another Umno guy is twisting the facts with same nonsensical reason. Are we really that stupid?

1M: Mohd Shohaimi, now that you have explained, I guess Nurul and PKR owe you an apology, and they should also thank you for protecting Nurul.

By the way, is it the same as for Penang? Were those Umno men also trying to protect CM Lim Guan Eng with their fists?

How about three years ago in front of the Parliament house, I guess they were also trying to protect Karpal Singh too? Similarly with Anwar's black eye, and the Mongolian girl?

Hmmmmmm: YB, what have you been smoking lately? - Malaysiakini

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