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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whores, Sons and Soil

Friends have been wondering the rather quiet blips on the blog, thinking that some special branch or security apparatus at the command of the ruling party has whisked me away to be subjected to 'special treatment' by HMS or His Majesty Service.

It was more work that had kept me imprisoned in my own self absorbing world to finish the ever unending work just to ensure there is money coming at the end of the month.

Sometimes, it does pay to earn below RM3,000 a month as you get free money, dirt cheap homes, courtesy of EPF to stay in neighbourhood that have a commanding view of the Petronas Twin Towers or literally s stone's throw away from the central shopping or financial district.

Like in Kuala Lumpur, so much money is going to be pumped to provide facilities and one wonders if it is the desperation of the city folks to avoid jams, crowded living and not be reminded we are getting to be an expensive city to live in, that the urban folks are not questioning if the projects really costs that much billions.

We spend billions to built an LRT system that doesn't connect because of someone's bright idea to partition the route and now we are spending probably 5 times more to pay for some stupid mistakes to make others even richer.

It was rather odd to hear that our Malaysian Thais of Thai origin are considered more sons of the soil that other major races principally the Chinese and Indians! Odd, we didn't hear those ketuanan NGOs going berserk their rights and privileges are given out to those who don't belong to the same breed whatever it means or faith!

While everyone wants to be treated special, this conferment of sons of the soil status is a result of another legacy of the appointed 1Malaysia. Those who help me gets help hah! The famous scratching back ransom kind of bargaining with the ordinary voters.

But our Malaysia Thai are not ordinary voters because they have been loyal scratching the back of one party for so long, it's time to let them enjoy the fruits of their scratching.

Which brings to the question, one vote accords you privileges till death do you part, while the thousands of taxes you pay, gets you nothing - at least that is what some race feels.

So now we know that privileges and rights is linked to being loyal, the voting loyalty than paying taxes, working hard, being honest or just wanting a fair share of one's toils and burdens.

Too bad you China-apek and Indian mari, your votes don't give you any rights simply because you fellows have been so inconsistent in voting for opposition and then switch. There is no place for opportunists voters. But those accorded sons of the soil status are given vast opportunities even if they vacillate in their loyalty.

So to overcome this abuse of privileges, the solution is to change the system that perpetuate it, like in Sabah, the sons of soil status was accorded to many when a new State government took over, remember?

So you China-apek and Indian vello, stop asking for rights and privileges.Just pay your taxes and keep your mouth shut and stay in your corner they direct you.

Speaking of Thais, it was lovely the Thai Prime Minister, duly elected against odds and a women at that, Yingluck Shinawatra visit BolehLand to meet the nonelected, by the people that is, leader. Speaks volumes of the kind of tolerance, acceptance and respect our northern neighbours have. And we claim to have the best world democracy when a female is not allowed to be a leaders and the women leaders in the government are getting a good hide for scandals than one that earn the respect of the people, hah!

While some hope that the other party are people who respect everyone, you know justice, freedom, respect, transparency and what not, some of the leaders in the hopefuls to rule Putrajaya are behaving like whores. Especially the DAP fellow for branding reporters prostitutes, whores or loose woman, any of this will  mean the same thing even if that insensitive MCP apologises he was misquoted. And we accuse reporters of being juvenile delinquent when we have leaders whose brains and mouth are more loose that the loose word to describe the reporters.

Shame on this DAP fellow. Perhaps the DAP are behaving big headed Dreaming Awaiting Putrajaya that he can afford to be sexist, disgusting and humiliating. Having had media friends, the MSM should just boycott the DAP since the DAP is always asking the whole country to boycott the MSM!

Such is the contrast in BolehLand when both sides are trying so hard to win votes they are willing to behave worse than whores. And these leaders are supposed to be sons of the country for your young generation to emulate! - YAHMEH!!!

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