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22 May 2024

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Scoutmaster’s wife: Say sorry or we sue

The family of the scoutmaster also claimed that several schoolgirls admitted that they were 'forced' to accuse the 44-year-old man of molesting school girls.
PETALING JAYA: The wife of the 44-year-old scoutmaster accused of molesting schoolgirls has threatened to take legal action against those who have shamed their family.
However, the woman said that they were prepared to “forget and forgive”, if those who had defamed “Mr Ho’s” family came forward and apologised.
“My husband has been labelled a beast and sex maniac by the press. The damage to my family has been enormous. We can’t go out and eat normally. We are all being unfairly judged,” said Mrs Ho.
She said due to numerous misleading reports alleging that her husband could have raped their own children, her three daughters had to be subjected to intrusive medical check-ups by the Welfare Department.
“They were held in the hospital for three nights. When my eight-year-old girl came home, she cried and hugged me. She asked why the doctor needed to spread her legs and check her private parts,” said Mrs Ho.
The Welfare Department had later announced that medical checks indicated that the daughters were never assaulted.
Mrs Ho said the subsequent “cruel” treatment of her daughters by the Welfare Department would scar them for life. She said that their family has been “victimised”, especially by the media.
“If my youngest daughter can complain of such things, why did those teenage girls wait so long to accuse my husband?”
‘I will forever love my wife’
Mrs Ho said because she was a Buddhist, she was willing to provide a chance for those who had accused her family (to apologise).
She also claimed that several school girls who accused her husband of sexually assaulting them had apologised to her daughter in school and alluded to the possibility that they were “forced” into the situation.
“When five of them saw my daughter during co-corricular activities , they asked how was she. They also said they were forced to make the accusation,” said a tearful Mrs Ho.
A police report was lodged by the daughter last week over this.

Meanwhile, Mr Ho told reporters that he was proud of his family and daughters for standing up for him.
“I feel very terrible for them. But I am proud because they have grown up. My daughters never blamed me, never suspected me. They still kiss me on my cheek each night,” he said.
“I will forever love my wife,” said Mr Ho, who said there were many who still believed and supported him.
Mr and Mrs Ho were speaking at a press conference organised by MCA lawyer Theng Book. Theng said he was not protecting anybody, but wanted fairness for all parties.
Investigations completed
Earlier this month, five Form Two girls lodged a police report against Ho, alleging that the volunteer scout trainer had molested them.
In the joint report, they claimed the scoutmaster of a secondary school in Damansara molested them on the pretext of helping them get body measurements for new clothes in the club’s storeroom.
The man, called “Abang Ho”, also allegedly molested them when they were at his home practising rock-climbing exercise.
On Feb 16, the man openly identified himself at a press conference and vehemently denied the allegations after a police report was lodged against him.
Mr Ho also denied allegations that he raped his own 14-year-old daughter.
On Feb 18, three more police reports were lodged by parents and their daughters against the man.
The school authorities had claimed that there are complaints from more than 10 girls who were allegedly victimised by the same man.
FMT understands that police from both Selangor and Kuala Lumpur have completed their investigations and investigation papers are expected to be submitted to the Attorney-General’s Chambers soon.

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