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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


WOODEN.....Edward inspecting the small wooden bridge.
THE timber bridge in the remote Kg Togung next to the Kokol road in Menggatal is facing a potential collapse, and it is too small for bigger and heavy vehicles.
The people who live in this very remote village have requested for the help of the Sabah DAP vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie in the DAP Inanam service centre yesterday for fear that one day a car will fall into the stream here.
The timber of the bridge is getting rotten fast. If the bridge is not replaced, they fear that they will be unable to reach to the other side of the village. There are at least 48 families live here.
Edward immediately went on site to inspect this small wooden bridge, and he took quite sometime to search for this remote village even with the map that was handed to him by the villagers. The condition of the village road is very poor and looks like never being maintained at all.
After speaking to the villagers here he said that the road is indeed needed upgraded and proper road surface should be done. At the moment it is half asphalt and half earth road with little bit of aggregates. It will be impossible for the villages to get home when it rains. It will be dangerous to drive and may anytime end up in the ditches or stream if not careful enough.
Edward urges the authorities like the JKR and the Rural Development office to come to see and plan immediately to upgrade the bridge and the road. He promised the people there he will come back to check to see whether the authorities do their job or not.
GRAVEL The village road leading to Kg Togung, Kokol road.

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