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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Najib holds nation hostage to good governance

YOURSAY 'The whole nation must be at shock to learn that MACC has become a political bait, and this was announced by none other than its PM.'

PM: More bite for MACC, only if BN gets two-thirds

your sayGerard Samuel Vijayan: What is the point of giving the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) more power and independence when they have failed the public and are perceived to be partial, lacking in integrity and professionalism and are protective of the interests of the ruling party?

To date, the MACC has not investigated or prosecuted any senior Umno-BN leader despite numerous reports and evidence of corrupt practices, amassed private wealth and living beyond their means.

If the top political leadership is corrupt and the MACC consists of serving and retired civil servants, and others close to the political establishment, how can it act independently or impartially?

The bottom line is in Malaysia, certain people in Umno and the BN are beyond the law and cannot be touched under any circumstances. If the MACC was truly independent, by now more than half of the cabinet and numerous state BN leaders should have been arrested and charged.

The MACC is only effective in going after the small fish just to score points with the public, but not the sharks.

Hermit: The whole nation must be at shock to learn that MACC has become a political bait, and this was announced by none other than its PM.

No wonder the whole nation is still grieving for Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini, who met their untimely death under the most mysterious circumstances at none other than the MACC buildings.

Abil: Next Najib will say that the judiciary will only dispense justice only if the government has two-thirds majority.

Kenneth_2585: I'm so relieved after reading the comments from more than 300 readers, they possess a much higher intelligence level than our current prime minister. Anyone of you can do a better job than him.

By far this is the most stupid comment I heard from PM Najib Razak - either he is getting increasingly psychotic of losing power or just plain stupid.

May I ask, if the so-called anti-corruption watchdog loses its credibility again (as this is a common trend with all the government agencies), are you going to set up another anti-anti corruption watchdog to watch over it?

Kairos: If the MACC is more efficient and above board now, it does not need another commission to watch over it.

The fact that the PM is using the increased effectiveness of MACC as a bait for the next GE is a tacit admission that the present set-up is a sham.

There is too much interference from the powers from on high. What guarantee have we got that the new proposed commission will also not be manipulated like the present one?

Quigonbond: The PM's offer is nothing short of holding good governance hostage until his political ransom is met. That's the third time he's shot himself in the foot in not so many days after:

1) declaring that only the attorney-general can proffer a criminal charge against minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's family (like we Malaysians don't know), instead of something more diplomatic like, "I'm sure the AG will consider the police recommendation appropriately";

2) declaring that Lynas Gebeng plant is safe only to be shot down by doctors and scientists.

As elections get nearer, his level of nervousness increases proportionately.

Cannon: Promises and more empty promises. The electorate gave BN an overwhelming majority in GE13 looking to Pak Lah's (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's) pledge to combat corruption and deliver reform. It turned out to be an illusion.

Instead, Malaysians got an anti-corruption agency from hell. Najib now asks for two-thirds majority for him to give this MACC mongrel more bite. The NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) 'Cowgate' scandal and the government foot-dragging on the case has exposed Najib's 'people first, performance now' credo as one big hoax.

His ruling party and its bastardisation of the NEP is the hatchery - the breeding ground - of corruption in our country.

The warlords of Umno are asking voters to entrust them with more power. Umno-BN has to be routed in the next general election and removed from power if the war on corruption has any chance of succeeding.

CHKS: The more I think of it, the more laughable it seems. Najib says if BN got more power, MACC will be more independent.

So, if BN got less power, MACC will be less independent. So, if BN got no power, MACC will not be independent at all.

Not independence means dependence. But MACC depends on what?

Oh, MACC depends on BN. So, that means BN gives MACC independence, like British gave Malaya independence. Oh, baru saya faham (now I understand).

Armageddon: What is the point of MACC being independent, if everything needs to go to the AG for a decision to prosecuted or not. What we need is a truly independent AG with lots of guts.
And why wait for the next GE? If something is good, Pakatan will definitely support BN's intention to change the constitution. What we actually need is a change in government and not a change in the constitution.

Lone_star: Malaysians must learn one thing, never ever give a government a two-thirds majority again.

The rakyat has done it for the first time ever in the tsunami of 308. And this has resulted in the rakyat having a more (though not completely) transparent and accountable government ever when compared to the governments in the past 30 years or so.

One most important event that the government of the day has not been able to carry out since 308 is gerrymandering as far as the delineation of constituencies is concerned. Even though it is due, the Election Commission is now deferring it to after the 13th GE.

Any good laws or changes to the constitution can be made by a government even without a two-thirds majority; as good laws and good changes will be supported by a loyal opposition and the majority of the rakyat.

So PM, sir, please do not continue to bullshit the rakyat by insisting on a two-thirds majority being the prerequisite for good laws and changes to be made.

Tan Teng Wah: You cannot set any pre-condition. MACC must be independent under any government, be it BN or Pakatan. - Malaysiakini

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