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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another arms-buying spree and commissions galore

YOURSAY 'The Lahad Datu experience seems to suggest we don't need a sledgehammer to kill invading ants. So why spend so much on submarines and fighter jets?'

M'sia to buy 18 jet fighters, shortlists five makers

Donplaypuks: Pakatan Rakyat must force PM Najib Razak and Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to reveal if commitments were made government-to-government or through ‘approved bumiputera agents', and if so why, when none has any expertise in fighter planes.

With the Sukhoi jets some years ago, a former Malacca chief minister was allegedly paid a commission of RM350 million.

It came to light when his other bumi partner sued him for diverting the commission to an offshore company with the same name as his partnership company, and trying to steal all the commission for himself.

What has the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Mindef (Defence Ministry) or our government done about it? Absolutely nothing.

Daylight robbery is condoned by Najib and Umno-BN - that's the message being sent out to our children.

FellowMalaysian: Before the arms deals is inked, it is furious negotiation time the next couple of days as RM4.2 billion will be spent.

For Najib and the Defence Ministry, it is not so much a decision of which fighter jet is a suitable make but rather which manufacturer offers the most lucrative and juiciest deals in terms of kickbacks.

It's little wonder why Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (Lima) is always high on Najib's agenda each year, possibly to the extent of deferring dissolving Parliament for GE13 till after the signing of the arms deals.

David Foong: It gives me the creeps every time an arms deal is announced. It is so blatantly obvious that BN is going for a last round plundering before GE.

Swipenter: Who gets the deal depends on the quantum of commission the seller is willing to pay. Maybe we need the planes, maybe we don't, but that is not the main criteria in deciding to buy the planes.

An aircraft carrier later would complement the aircraft purchases and the Scorpene submarines neatly.

Also don't forget to throw in the Airborne Warning and Control System (Awacs). After all, we never know when our enemies may attack and stage an air invasion on us.

Maybe if we still have enough money left in the Treasury, how about some anti-aircraft missiles and short and mid-range missiles?

Betteroutcome: Is there any way to stop all these when this BN government's mandate to rule is over? If you are responsible, BN, get your mandate again before you commit to spend more of our money.

2LAN: I smell a big rat coming. We don't know the commission yet. The Armed Forces, given its size and experience, why should they appoint a private services provider?

Besides the terrorists rowed into Sabah and they are beefing up our air force? Perhaps buying planes is more lucrative than buying boats.

Zen: The region has not seen any war for the past 40 years after Vietnam. All jet fighters bought and maintained over that period amounting to ten of billions ringgit was a total wastage.

I hope the country plan wisely for jet fighters purchases for 2010-2050 to avoid further wastage which could have been spend on the rakyat. As for air defence, let the United States Air Force (USAF) do the job. They are the top guns.

Malaysiawatch4: I reckon we should spend on military drones instead - they are much cheaper, especially when they fail or get shot down. Besides we can get locals to develop them.

Hjsingh: This is a total waste of scarce resources - 18 jets for RM4.2 billion! This RM4.2 billion would provide a lot of low-cost housing, hospital services and education.

These 18 jets would make no difference if push comes to shove with China in the South China Sea. The police chief wants money for patrol cars and weapons, and frankly we should stop knee-jerk arms purchases without proper study.

The jets shortlisted have been studied and tested comprehensively by India and the Indians have opted for the Rafale and already operate the SU30MKI.

Is Malaysia going to test and study to the same extent or going to buy for the thrill of spending so much public money. The MiG29 purchase is a case in point, which was based on the whims of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Rakyat Malaysia: In my opinion, who are our enemies? Lahad Datu intruders? We can't even find those killers and murderers.

We can't even solve daily crimes on the streets and corruption in government and here we are spending billions for jet fighters which may lose their engines soon.

It's a waste of money to finance those big western corporations and to fuel the corporate greed which brought the world financial system soon to a messy halt. And it too is a waste of money to finance these Umno cronies.

Justathougt: The Lahad Datu experience seems to suggest we don't need a sledgehammer to kill invading ants. So why spend so much on submarines and fighter jets?

Better trained foot soldiers, better intelligence and generally better sense as to who are our enemies really are. This may better protect the country.

Jedi_Who: A caretaker government called BN. A travel agency called Perimekar. Here we go again. - Malaysiakini

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