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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pakatan's Dirty Tricks For Polling - Part 1

News is the Pakatan is planning to disrupt the elections, especially in places where they are going to lose. This is to justify the street protests which they are already planning. So people in KL and other urban places please beware.

Among the things they will do on Polling Day are :

i. bring their own ball point pens and insist on using their own pens to mark the ballots
ii. bring their own 12 inch rulers and insist on cancelling their own names
iii. insist on bringing erasers to the Polling Stations (donno what for exactly)

Certainly the Polling Agents will not allow them to bring their own ball points, 12 inch rulers and erasers into the Polling Booths. When this happens the Pakatan will kick up a fuss and accuse the SPR of conspiring against them. They will use this to riot in the streets.

They are planning even more dirty tricks. This morning I received this sms. This is very urgent and also dirty. Please pass it around and warn your neighbours and friends.

"Taktik terbaru PR yang sedang rancangkan... kurang seminggu dari hari mengundi, dengan menggunakan nama2 NGO PR akan mula msuk ke taman2 dan kampong2 untuk ajar kaum2 ibu cara baru mencalit dakwat di jari. Ingat bahawa dakwat akan cuma hilang dalam masa 7 hari (akan kekal selama 7 hari). Bila tiba hari mengundi, golongan ini akan dihalang dari mengundi kerana sudah ada kesan dakwat pada jari. Jangan bagi mereka calit jari2 sebelum hari mengundi. Jika ADA buat laporan polis segera."

Of course if the housewives and kampong people have black ink on their fingers, they will NOT be allowed to caste their votes. This will again make people upset with the SPR. They will riot in the streets.

So this is another dirty method they are planning to use to 

i. deny people of their righ to vote
ii. create chaos and confusion
iii. to use it as an excuse to take it to the streets.

Please be aware of this and start talking about this from now. Warn your family, friends and neighbours. They are really going to play dirty this time around.

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