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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thank you from a grateful Malaysian from PJ Utara

All I see are adults in your comment sections just and only complaining, blaming others and etc. (just plain bitching). Which race did not wake up and etc. Just pointing fingers to a particular group of people. What does this do or achieve? 
Foo Meng Sun 

I have followed your web site/blog for the last 6 years or more. Also, I had commented only once in 6 years. 

I just want to email you this observation and you can choose to edit and re-post it if you feel fit to do so. In summary, I want to say Thank you. Your articles had really woke me up on the real issues we face in Malaysia. It had made me be aware how much more work we have to go about it. 
My email here is to encourage you that all your hard work have not gone to waste. I am appreciative of your hard work. I will comment on what I see and believe that we must be bigger than the politics and politicians.
I am not sure if my email/note below makes sense to you. But I will be writing from my point of view only.
I have learnt to think why you write and speak in such a manner. You are a true Malaysian. We fellow readers should be thinking more like you and what is good for the country. For one moment just forget about which political party they come from first.
I will borrow a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln, the “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.

The Malaysian Governments should be afraid of the (Rakyat) people and serve the (Rakyat) people and not the (Rakyat) people be the slaves to Government. If not the (Rakyat) people will replace you politicians.

If they are not working for us the (Rakyat) people we will replace Government with someone who would.

I remember once somebody asked you what “you would do as the PM of Malaysia?”
- Stop same race marriage ie Chinese marrying Chinese and so forth. I suppose this will get rid of all the race based politics in Malaysia as I can see that all the political parties are just playing the race cards to justify their means and their actions.
All I see are adults in your comment sections just and only complaining, blaming others and etc. (just plain bitching). Which race did not wake up and etc. Just pointing fingers to a particular group of people. What does this do or achieve? Please do not forget 3 fingers are pointing back at you. Do not blame others but blame yourself – me, myself and I (the 3 fingers). If you want to point and blame others, you are also 3 times part of the problem.

Sometimes I do not bother to read them at all. I just read your articles and see what the objective of the article is.

If you want to change, get involved in the change and do not heckle. Be responsible adults, be the change and make the changes to the systems in the political landscape. I wish the readers would volunteer their time at the grass root level for the parties they believe in. Then they can see how much change they can bring to the system. See the needs of the people first. 

As time goes along with so much infighting in Malaysia we will not be able to compete in the global markets. The NEP had worked in some ways during the time of inception. 
I do not believe in giving a benefit which cannot be sustained in the long run or an indefinite period. Over a period of time it will be abused and it will be taken for granted. It has turned into a mind-set/belief, it is their right only. (Classic example Article 153) http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/letterssurat/46193-article-153-is-not-just-for-malays-but-for-every-malaysian

But in today’s market place (2013), we have created a generation who only live on hand-outs. It does not allow us to be competitive in the world stage. ie Katak di bawah tempurung

Q. How are we going to compete against the best in the world? In short, we Malaysia will be the net exporter of talent as the best will study, migrate and work overseas. 
When Malaysia loses their best talents and we are left with the political power who play the game of divide and rule, we will deplete the natural resources of the country to their private pockets.
Thank you for making me realise that every vote counts. We should not be silent and let gerrymandering, postal voters and phantom voters be used as the tools of the political powers to stay in government illegally.
FYI, I am in favour of the 3rd force. I have not made up my mind who to vote in PJ Utara and I will come home to vote too from overseas. I will see the candidate first. I am happy with both my current DUN and MP in Petaling Jaya. They serve the people.
So take this note/email as positive that all your hard work have not gone to waste. You have changed one Malaysian here and I will do my part to change my family and friends to be objective and know that we need to make a New Malaysian Malaysia (I know I am quoting the 1960’s LKY of Singapore).
Thank you
Yours sincerely,
Foo Meng Sun

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