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Saturday, March 30, 2013

BN is lucky there is Anwar Ibrahim

Whenever BN leaders run out of ideas on how to attack Pakatan Rakyat, they will inevitably fall back on Anwar Ibrahim.
In any battle, it is imperative to bring down the leader of the opposing camp. In Barisan Nasional’s case, they are lucky that there exists such an individual by the name of Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader.
This is because when BN leaders run out of ideas on how to attack Pakatan Rakyat, they will inevitably fall back on Anwar Ibrahim.
BN leaders and their lackeys place their wholehearted trust in Anwar to provide them with enough ammunition to capture the hearts and minds of the public.
At first, Anwar had to face accusations that he was a homosexual when Saiful Bukhari Azlan accused the former of sodomy in July 2008 before the Permatang Pauh by-election took place in August of that same year.
Anwar then proceeded to win by an overwhelming majority of more than 15,000 votes.
In the third week of March 2011, Datuk Trio had exposed a video implicating Anwar in some bedroom exercises with a ‘China doll’. Knowing Anwar’s bad back, it would be impossible for him to execute those exercises. That was just before the Sarawak state polls which took place in mid-April 2011.
And now just before the third week of March this year, Anwar is again implicated in a black-and-white video of a sex scandal.
However, netizens detected a difference between the hairstyle of the sex actor and Anwar’s hairstyle. The actor’s hairstyle was more toward a centre-parting whereas Anwar’s is on the left.
Besides the hairstyle factor, there were also discrepancies in lighting and shadow angles.
One of the major points of discussion among netizens was why was the recording still done in black-and-white in this digital colour era?
In addition to that, if it was really Anwar in person, why wasn’t a raid conducted to nab him red-handed?
All these shenanigans only serve to reveal the actual people behind the drama.
Healthy politics?
One has to realise that since 1998 till now, the rakyat has been inundated with butt-politics as shown by the butt exercise in front of S Ambiga’s (Bersih co-chairperson) residence in May last year.
Is this real political progress and healthy politics under the BN federal government?
In the first sodomy trial, Anwar was cleared in September 2004 when he was found to be not guilty and thus obtained release from prison. In the second sodomy trial he was cleared in January 2012 and then cleared again by Saiful’s father recently who had a press conference wherein he had asked Anwar for forgiveness.
Each sexual fix-up on Anwar has been successfully proven to be false and yet Anwar’s enemies never tire of implicating him in some sex act.
Therefore why are his enemies constantly executing these same tricks? Simply because they believe that a lie told often enough will transform into the truth.
If a political rival can be fixed-up in a black-and-white video clip acted by his enemies, then Malaysian politics have gone down the drain courtesy of those in the corridors of power.
This therefore is the state of today’s Malaysian political scenario. Is this part of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s GTP (Government Transformation Programme)?
Besides sex scandals, Anwar has even been accused of being an agent of the Jews, the Americans, the Christians and what not. He seems to have the super abilities to be a triple-agent, age notwithstanding as he will be 66 in August.
All these evil machinations by the incumbent government are orchestrated to create a negative perception of Pakatan and to influence the rakyat into believing that Pakatan is unfit to govern. This shows that democracy in Malaysia is still mired in prehistoric times.
If the rakyat cannot differentiate between black and white, then they will easily believe what is shown on the black-and-white video clip implicating Anwar.
Thus the longer the polls is delayed, the more the rakyat can expect to hear and read about Anwar’s so-called misdeeds until even some netizens had remarked sarcastically that since Anwar has already been implicated in sexual relations with men and women, it is now time to implicate him with the cows in the condominiums.
One has to wonder at Anwar’s amazing ability in time-management as he is able to handle the job of being a triple-agent as well as engaging in various sexual exploits. He is also a good financial administrator as mentioned in a previous article by this columnist on Dec 8 last year. All these works certainly show up Anwar as a genius who can multi-task very well.
Perpetually too there are people talking bad about Anwar. His ex-comrades who are now his most bitter enemies and some foreign writers also have never stopped putting him down.
However all these seem to unfaze Anwar Ibrahim.
In Chinese Metaphysics, Anwar is a Metal Rooster. The metal in reference refers to diamond or precious ornaments. Certainly Anwar continues to shine and is a tough person.
This is so unlike PM Najib who is already nervous at the very thought of dissolving parliament even with the odds favouring him immensely.
Selena Tay is a DAP member and a FMT columnist.

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