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Saturday, March 30, 2013

MIC for ALL Hindus, eh ?

To know that Hindraf has been compromised is as expected but this Hindu Sangam, a religious meeting house for Hindu youths ? 
Hello....something is surely not right with this picture sent to me via email by a staunch Hindu....now a protesting one himself, Mr. RKK. He questions the use of this premise for other reasons than whats clearly written on the board on the left (pic above) ? He also asks how come  Hinduism as a religion has been hijacked by some idiots to be part of a political party ? 
MIC the party that has been washed-out since the last GE in 2008 and periodically used as a lap-dog by UMNO to garner votes to stay in power in exchange  for a few scraps and bones thrown their way. Yes , MIC the shameless party that sold its soul to UMNO and have even been labelled a pariah by UMNO in their education system. 
Perhaps this same MIC will not even lift a finger in defense of their religion being mocked and ridiculed by Perkasa's most fervent Hindu haters as below, on a daily basis, no ?
For the benefit of all innocent Hindus who were unknowingly dragged into this "collaboration and compromised" situation by a few fucktards ( I like this nice cocktail of 2 words-fuckers and retards- that best describes these MIC morons.....and see !.....these here blog posting is edjucaxion itself  !) here are the links ( here and here ) for you to read and hope you can see the video-clip, before you go and question the motive of this Hindu Youth Sangam's reason for allowing their youths'religious clubhouse to be converted into a filthyMIC Samys' politician's private  agenda in Kampung Kasipillay, off Jalan Ipoh. 
Stand up all good men and women of the Hindufaith and cast these hateful and evil politicians out, pronto ! 

Have a "Happy and a Blessed Easter" to you, you and you ! 
Shalom !

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