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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Papagomo-style 'double voting' tip of the iceberg

YOURSAY 'The question about whether Papagomo had voted twice still have to be answered and if found guilty, he should be charged for fraud.'

Papagomo no longer postal voter, confirm police

Ferdtan: Police headquarters (Bukit Aman) director of management Mortadza Nazarene, since when convicted criminal and infamous blogger Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris aka Papagomo, was no longer listed in the police records as a postal voter?

Was it after his conviction was upheld on Sept 6, 2012 or after PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli exposed it to the press?

How come it was still in the electoral rolls and only until recently it was deleted? Why didn't you go further to blame the Election Commission (EC) for not removing the name?

Earlier the EC had indirectly blamed the police for not keeping them informed of any police officer who had left the force. So who make the mistake - the police or the EC? Nah - we know better, all are in the know. This is not an isolated case.

One more point - it is very impressive that such a high police ranking officer, a director, quickly has to come out to answer the allegation against a ‘mere' Umno blogger.

But of course, Papagomo is certainly no small fry. Convicted felon or not, he has all the Umno top leaders beholden to him.

Hmmmmmmmm: I won't be surprised if this is only the tip of the iceberg. Pakatan Rakyat should really concentrate fully on electoral fraud and spend less time talking about other issues.

There is no use winning all the debates only to lose at the ballot box because of fraud. Probe every constituency, postal voters, phantom voters, etc. Make sure it is clear to everybody how many postal voters there are in each constituency before the GE even starts.

Insist that all postal votes be counted first before the normal votes. This to prevent the appearance of more postal votes once it becomes clear how many votes is required to win.

Lim Chong Leong: Papagomo was no longer postal voter only after being discovered and reported by Pakatan and not when he was dismissed from the force. There is a whole lot of difference.

Anonymous_3da6: Do you all know that EC once said that as long as his/her name in the EC, he/she can vote and EC has no way to stop them? This means that this guy could have voted twice in the past.

The next important question is how many such cases still exist in the electoral rolls? EC is purposely adopting a defeatist approach - if the rakyat can show the mistake, they will correct it.

Like this, how to fight? There is no level-playing field whatsoever.

Anonymous #63753867: EC, tell us how many more such duplicates or you are going say there's only 0.0001% error in the rolls. You fellows are all ‘makan gaji buta' and have to be sacked for incompetency.

Jean Pierre: The proper response from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) would have been to say an investigation is being carried out on the dual registration and that they are liaising with the EC to iron out the issue of dual registration of other ex-police officers.

However, we are talking about the a top brass in our distinguished police force with god-knows-why director of management title. As such, you get a sweep-under-the carpet response. Understandable.

Astounded: Now that the EC has said that the police did not inform them about who have left the police force so that the it can remove them from the postal voting, is the police sending the EC the whole list of police personnel who have left so that the EC update its rolls?

Or is there no interest in keeping the electoral list updated at all in a simple matter like this? And for that matter, the same applies to the army and navy as well. We are talking about simple housekeeping.

James Dean: If Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris had registered to vote using his police ID and civilian IC as shown on the EC register, he has committed an election offence.

Blogsmith: The question about whether Papagomo had voted twice still have to be answered and if found guilty, he should be charged for fraud. Is this being pursued?

Also, this may be only the tip of the iceberg as people had for a long time suspected that double voting is widespread. Is the EC taking steps to ensure that it is not done? Any investigation about whether it had been done previously?

Anonymous #19098644: Umno, in using crooked criminals to do their dirty work, is a reflection of an unprincipled and decadent party.

The question then is how could the defence minister allow a convicted felon access to the top secret Scorpene submarine many elected representatives have absolutely no chance of boarding.

It's totally shocking that a convicted felon can have access to the country's top secret military weapon which he can easily sell.

Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi should be held responsible for permitting this to happen. Umno must also explain why it is consorting with a criminal.

Vote-for-Change: Umno can now only attract criminal like this man to join them in their fight against the rakyat calling for justice. This is justice, Umno-style. I wonder how many more criminals are employed by Umno in their everyday roughing up of Pakatan ceramahs.

Chong Kak Fang: In a nutshell, postal voters could have two votes. We are all damned. Changed we must. - Malaysiakini

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