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Saturday, March 30, 2013

UMNO fighting hard from its deathbed: But for Najib, it's GAME OVER!

UMNO fighting hard from its deathbed: But for Najib, it's GAME OVER!
After 55 years of Barisan Nasional (BN) governance of Malaysia, it now seems that their tenure in office is coming to an end and while what is certainly true that the “passenger political parties” that make up BN like MCA, MIC, Gerakan and others have lost a lot of favor with Malaysians, it is now also apparent that this 13th GE is the end game for BN-UMNO.
While it is hard for most Malaysians to accept the fact and reality that UMNO has been losing ground steadily, the demise of Malaysia’s once most favored political party is impending and no further delay to attempt to try and resurrect the party is going to work.
While prime minister and UMNO president, Najib Razak, has been all agog by going to the ground and trying a last ditch effort by using a punishing schedule to travel the length and breadth of the country to woo for certain the electorate to support BN, it is now all seen as an exercise in futility.
The events that have led to UMNO losing favor
It is really the loss of “the Malay sentiment,” or what political analysts consider as the disunity  and unhappiness among the Malays at present, that is the root cause of UMNO losing favor with Malaysians as other political parties have since arrived on the scene to garner wide support from the Malay community.
Parti PAS and PKR have turned out to be a real threat and they have proven convincingly enough to be able to muster the support of Malays and even those of the large number of fence-sitting UMNO members.
While hard core and die hard supporters of UMNO are still prevalent, their numbers have noticeably begun to dwindle, and the party that was once viewed as the champion of Malay rights and the struggle to uplift the Malay community is beginning to be viewed with suspicion and distrust.
Why this is so is easily evident? While Malays are not even buying the bull of the propaganda that is being churned by the mainstream media which is linked to UMNO and other BN political parties, more Malays have opted to switch to the use of social media to cross-check and verify as to what is really going on in this country.
By doing so, these Malays are realizing that UMNO and the other BN component parties are not matching deeds with word’s, and by filtering through all the political rhetoric and semantics, the end result is that UMNO and BN have suffered a tremendous loss of credibility and trust among the people.
This is where BN leaders lost the plot. They failed to take into consideration and underestimated the strong political will and desire of the people to see that transformation and change being brought to this country and for the people are really working for them.
By and large, Malaysians are able to see and be a witness to the truth of the matter that the BN government’s transformation policies have not been translated into reality for the rakyat and most Malays and Malaysians are convinced it is the same game of favoring the cronies at the expense of hoodwinking Malaysians.
By corruption not showing signs of having receded, but by corruption actually having been given a boost by the BN government, which means the present BN Government is actually guilty of fuelling further corruption most Malays have opted out of supporting UMNO in favor of other political parties.
UMNO fighting hard from its deathbed
The realization that UMNO has been losing a lot of favor with the Malay community was noticed and brought to the attention of its leaders by former strongman Mahathir Mohammad who stated that UMNO should not take anything for granted anymore.
Unfortunately, the beleaguered Najib, who was spending much time and resources to fend off and ward of challenges and threats to his position as prime minister and UMNO president, even to the extent of dragging the general elections to the last minute, has found to his shock and dismay now that the political scenario in the country is failing to work out in his favor.
While Najib was busying himself indulging in gross excesses and abuses and atrocities, while UMNO leaders failed in their duty to be on guard, and be vigilant and watchful, the gross neglect of their responsibility to safeguard and guarantee and ensure the position of the Malays in this country is now due to spell the downfall of UMNO.
For long seen as the custodian of Malay rights, UMNO is now viewed as a political party saddled with a growing number of deadwood leaders who are also seen by the Malay community as self-seeking, corrupt and smacking of great arrogance.
What is possibly worse is that most Malays hold UMNO in contempt of Islamic values and this they have come about to conclude by the way and manner in which accusations and allegations are being made against UMNO leaders.
While they consider that there is more than a grain of truth in the wrongdoings of UMNO leaders, most Malays openly dismiss most of the stories made against the opposition leaders as these are deemed far-fetched.
In comparison, the Malay community have as expected decided to favor with those who profess the truth and are of integrity by giving their support to Parti PAS and PKR leaders as they find the evidence and proof of wrongdoing against BN leaders to be  fully convincing and true.
While BN leaders have gone out on a limb to prove their innocence in a range of accusations of wrongdoing and corruption and abuse of position and power against them, not only Malays but Malaysians now are beginning to realize the truth about BN leaders and find that it is high time to dispense with politicians that no longer conform to their expectations.
UMNO’s loss of credibility is the opposition’s gain
While UMNO is now a political party that is at its weakest ebb since its formation, the disarray and confusion within the party has only served to benefit and strengthen the opposition parties of Parti Pas and PKR.
While Najib’s desperation is becoming more and more obvious to Malaysians, it is really his failure to govern the country and lead UMNO by playing by the rules of the game that has become the factor that should see his ouster and the fall from grace of UMNO.
While the UMNO and BN machinery have gone into overdrive to launch a massive defense of their leadership to try and convince Malaysians to maintain the status quo and keep faith in the leadership of BN, the loss of credibility of UMNO and BN leaders is terribly damaged and is unlikely to be able to be repaired.
A fish rots from the head. The leader and leaders, the head of this big fish known as BN is being seen by more and more Malaysians as being guilty of wrongful and corrupt governance and this is because so much of dirty linen about BN leaders have been washed in public and people are convinced beyond doubt of what is really the truth.
The loss of belief in UMNO and BN leaders has prompted Malaysians to switch their focus and attention to all that the opposition is beginning to state and for them to consider and evaluate Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and what the alternative coalition is about.
By what is to be gauged and by what is happening now, Malaysians are not only carefully evaluating the opposition but more of them are giving serious thought and consideration to PR and this certainly looks like the rot that has set in within the BN fish, with the lack of support for its component parties, has festered to now witness the rot setting in within UMNO.
While the demise of UMNO is on the drawing board, the shift in power and the transfer of the faith and confidence of the rakyat towards PR is set to witness them become a more powerful force to be reckoned with in the 13th GE.
PR should perhaps now seize on the opportunity to deal the killer blow to UMNO and BN and deliver Malaysians from the tyranny and oppression of BN and its leaders of the past and the present to free Malaysians to enjoy the full tenets and obligations of pure democracy.
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