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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hindu group decries no action against Perkasa veep

Controversial parliamentarian Zulkifli Noordin continues to receive flak over insensitive comments he is alleged to have made against Hinduism, with the Malaysia Hindu Sangam demanding why the authorities have yet to take action against him despite a complaint being lodge on the matter two years ago.

Hindu Sangam president RS Mohan Shan claimed the comments made by the independent Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP in a video circulating online were made in 2011.

NONEEven at the time, Mohan said in a statement, the video received widespread condemnation, however, despite a complaint being made by the Hindu Sangam then, action has yet to be taken against Zulkifli (left).

This, Mohan claimed, is because Zulkifli is both vice-president for Malay right-wing group Perkasa and an MP.

"Malaysia Hindu Sangam vehemently condemns Zulkifli for being a racial and religious bigot and strongly urges the authorities to take immediate action against him under the Sedition Act 1948.

"His damaging and mischievous statements have caused unhappiness among the Hindu community and if not checked, will damage the harmonious relations existing among the various races and religions in the country," Mohan said yesterday.

Meanwhile, National Indian Rights Action Team (Niat) chairperson Thasleem Mohd Ibrahim said he had lodged a report against Zulkifli yesterday at the Dang Wangi police headquarters so that investigations can be carried out.

NONEThasleem (right) described the alleged inflammatory statements by Zulkifli in the video as "degrading and insulting and seditious".

"As a Muslim, I am embarrassed by Zulkifli's statements because Islam prohibits one from insulting other races and religions," he said in a statement.

His statementsechoed calls made by PKR vice-president N Surendran, who has urged for Zulkifli be investigated under the Section 298A of the Penal Code, which provides between two to five years jail term for causing disharmony, upon conviction.

He has said that "the words uttered by Zulkifli amount to one of the worst-ever attacks upon a major religion in this country".
Five-minute video

In the five minute-long video, uploaded on Thursday in pro-Pakatan Rakyat websites and titled 'Chandra Lawan Tetap Lawan', Zulkifli can be heard recounting a conversation with a trader selling statues of Hindu deities after his shop was hit by a flood.

"Even the (statues of) deities were damaged? How come? They are supposed to be gods. Why didn't you line up the gods in front of your shop to stop the flood from entering your shop and divert it to Indian Muslim shops?

"Why didn't you do that since god is supposed to protect us? They cannot even stop the water? And the trader tells me, ‘Hey brother, how is that possible. It is just stone'," he allegedly said, among others.

Malaysiakini had contacted Zulkifli for his comment but has yet to obtain a response.

Zulkifli was previously a PKR member but was sacked in 2010 following disagreements over the party's stance on use of the word ‘Allah' as a Malay translation for the word ‘God', which included him lodging police reports and making public statements against his then fellow Pakatan Rakyat MPs.
Pakatan leaders are incensed that while Batu MP Tian Chua was immediately charged under the Sedition Act after he was accused of allegedly defaming the government, no action has been taken against Zulkifli.

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