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Monday, December 30, 2013

Cops deny claiming anti-price hike NGOs plan bombings

Kuala Lumpur deputy police chief Amar Singh has denied accusing four NGOs involved in the anti-price hike protest of planning to conduct bombings during the demonstration on Dec 31.

Utusan Malaysia quoted Amar (left) as saying that he was only talking about the risk of bombings that may be done by other participants.

“During the press conference, I mentioned four NGOs were identified as being part of the protest. The gathering is against the law as they do not have a permit.

“My statement about bomb threats and dangerous weapons was not directed at the NGOs involved but was based on a statement by an individual on Facebook before this,” he was quoted as saying.

This comes after two of the NGOs, namely Solidarti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) and Jingga 13, had threatened to sue the senior cop.

The other NGOs named by Amar as being organisers of the protests were Gerakan Turun Kos Sara Hidup (Turun) and Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM).

During a press conference last Saturday, Amar had read out a prepared statement about the New Year’s eve anti-price hike protest.

“Irresponsible groups have propagated on websites and social media by telling people that they will topple the government through the rally.

“They also organised a series of illegal protests in a few locations and states by inciting the public, especially youths, to topple the government.

“It cannot be denied that these groups create a ruckus when they turn up with tents, bring tools or dangerous weapons such as hand grenades or gas masks and even breach cordons and clash with police and other actions that are against the law,” he had said.

Turun chief Azan Safar has denied planning to overthrow the government and instead accused the ruling coalition of trying to distract the public from spiralling living cost which the protest is highlighting.

‘Suit to go on’

In an immediate response, SAMM chief Badrul Hisham Shahrin was unconvinced, calling it a panic response.

“The question is who is the participant (that will bring hand grenades)? Do the police know the participant? How many hand grenades have they found?” he said in a statement today.

Badrul said the police were creating panic among the public based on unverified information and the organisation will not back down from its lawsuit.

“This cannot be forgiven. The police and Amar Singh will not escape (from the lawsuit) even though they attempted to spin the matter as SAMM has evidence in the form of video and news clippings,” he said.

He reiterated that the Dec 31 rally is peaceful with the sole intention of highlighting the rising cost of living and urged the public to don black and turn out in force.

In a related development, student leader Adam Adli Abdul Halim (left) who was wrongly implicated by the police in its press conference on Saturday for allegedly being one of the leaders on the New Year’s eve protest, is contemplating suing the authorities.

“Amar Singh had wrongly implicated me for being part of the group. I am upset and disgusted by such false accusations on myself and deny any involvement in the group or being the mastermind behind the proposed protest.  

“Since the formation of the NGO Turun by the university students, I have not been involved nor attended their meetings. What is puzzling is how can the police intelligence unit implicate me with the gathering, whereas I have never spoken on or issued statements regarding the protest.

“The police intelligence had acted mala fide and irresponsibly in implicating me with the protest and towards causing possible chaos by using dangerous weapons including grenades. This allegation made against me cannot be taken lightly.”

Hence, Adam Adli said he is consulting with his lawyers to sue the police for RM10 million, for smearing his name in the eyes of the society. A photograph of Adam was shown during the press conference held by Amar Singh.

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