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Monday, December 30, 2013

Nazri: Demonstrations are immature and foolish

Tourism Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz today described demonstrations against the government as a "foolish" and "immature" act which the majority of Malaysians had grown bored of.
"Their leader, Anwar Ibrahim is almost 70-years-old, but yet they (Pakatan Rakyat) still act immaturely," Nazri told a press conference after attending a function in Kuala Lumpur.
Nazri was referring to the demonstration organised by Gerakan Turun Harga Sara Hidup (Turun) at Dataran Merdeka tomorrow night. Pakatan has disclaimed any involvement in organising the event, but supports it in principle.
The federal government have accussed organisers of seeking to use the event to "topple the government".
However, Turun and Pakatan leaders have claimed that this was a red herring to divert attention from public anger over government policies which has caused the prices of basic necessities to increase of late.
Pakatan states are corrupt
Nazri added that Pakatan should accept its defeat during the general elections and move on instead of being sore losers and staging demonstrations and protest in their quest to overthrow the government.
He said protestors seeking to overthrow the government should target Pakatan-administered states as well, adding that the government in those states are all corrupt.
"Pakatan has forgotten that they too have governments, which are corrupt governments," he said.
He said that Malaysians do not want to see their country crippled by demonstrations similar to the veins of in Egypt, Syria and Thailand.
Internationally, Malaysia's government is held in high regard but Pakatan leaders are bent on soiling the country's image while abroad.
No impact on tourism
Meanwhile, Nazri said he does not expect demonstrations to affect the country's tourism industry, which is expecting a bumper year due to the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 promotions.
He said Turun's demonstration tomorrow might still be called off at the last minute and thus avoid having any impact on tourists.
Meanwhile, he said that rising cost of living in Malaysia will not put off tourists, citing how tourist still flock expensive tourist destinations such as the United States and United Kingdom.
On the demolition of an ancient temple ruin in Lembah Bujang, Kedah, Nazri said he would like to see similar relics preserved and his ministry is investigating the matter.

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