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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Who are you, the MINORITY, to tell us to leave M'sia - Zuraida slams UNCIVILISED Umno woman

Who are you, the MINORITY, to tell us to leave M'sia - Zuraida slams UNCIVILISED Umno woman
I refer to the statement made by Kuantan UMNO Wanita Chief asking Malaysians who do not like BN to leave Malaysia.
Why should Malaysians get out of Malaysia when there is only 47% support for BN?
The dwindling support is due to the fact that more and more people especially the Malays are now aware that they are not benefitting from the NEP and have been hoodwinked by the BN-led government for 56 years. UMNO are not the champion for Malays, they only champion their own pockets.
This is evident as only a handful of cronies get richer and richer while the majority of the population is burdened with taxes and price hikes.
Can Umno think?
Logic may have eluded Zaiton as she is blinded by the faults of the UMNO leaders.
Can she explain why Rosmah gets to fly in private jets while the people have to pay through their noses to pay for her lavish lifestyle?
Can she explain how Rosmah’s son can afford a RM110 million condo in New York? Can Zaiton explain or confirm if Rosmah is the First Lady of Malaysia?
Can Zaiton explain why Sharizat is still the UMNO Wanita Chief despite alleged ties to the NFC fiasco? Does Zaiton support tainted politicians to be the country's leader?
Can she explain why Perkasa is BN-funded? Can she explain why the BN government failed in its duties to solve the Pahang flood problems?
Can Zaiton explain how thankful she is to the UMNO-led government that others should emulate?
Can Zaiton explain why the pre-election promises are not fulfilled but instead the rakyat are made to suffer even more with the price hikes? Can Zaiton, as an UMNO leader explain why she supports the increase of prices even though Tun Dr. Mahathir has said voiced out saying that it should not be so?
Can Zaiton justify all the dissatisfaction of the non-UMNO supporters to the point that we can ‘work together and make this country a better place?’
Citizenship is up to Umno?
Now, isn’t that what all we hope for. No matter how dissatisfied the people are with BN, nobody has ever denied the right of citizenship to the BN members even though they are the minority now. Pakatan Rakyat has never asked BN members to leave the country.
This is an uncivilized call. While Pakatan Rakyat try to be inclusive and win peoples’ hearts over with sincerity and facts, it seems that the UMNO leaders are just stooges who fail to understand what is good and right for the rakyat.
I hope that Zaiton realises how the price hikes are going to affect our daily lives and can provide an answer to all of the above. If not, I invite her to respect and echo the rakyat’s wishes to reject the UMNO-implemented price hikes.
Lastly, Zaiton should also apologize for her statement for poor and suffering Malaysians to leave the country. Maybe Zaiton can afford the price hikes, but majority of the Malaysians still cannot afford it.
YB Zuraida Kamaruddin is the MP for Ampang

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