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Monday, December 30, 2013

Please Take The Poll "PM Is Clueless"

Folks please take my 'PM is clueless' poll. Its on the top right side of the page.  I  ran it around noon (Friday 27/12/13). Two days later 7pm Sunday 29 December 2013, I already have 675 people who have voted.

So far 95% or 645 people seem to agree that the PM is clueless.  This is 21 times the 30 duds who seem to support the PM. 

The Merdeka Center recently ran a poll on Najib's popularity. They said that his popularity has fallen 10 points from 62% down to 52% or something.

I do not believe the Merdeka Center. I think their polling is incorrect. To say that Najib has 52% support (of whom ?) is to lull Najib into the false hope that he should hold on to power. This way in 2018 the BN will get kicked out.

I think less than 5% of people support Najib. The Merdeka Center should run their poll again.

Kepada kekawan semua, negara kita boleh huru hara kalau BN kalah pada 2018.  Sebarang pertukaran atau perubahan harus dilakukan sekarang. We need drastic change now. Today. Not in 2018. By 2018 and beyond we may not have a country anymore. 

So do take the poll. Make your views known. Please spread the news too.  To my Blogger friends, please do mention it, repost it or link it to your sites. Lets create a tsunami. Thank you. 

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