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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, December 28, 2013


(TMT) - The renowned ‘third force’ is in full gear to meet MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel and to join-hands with the biggest Indian-based party.
A source, who is involved in the third force initiative, told The Malaysian Times (TMT) that the neutral movement is prepared for the collaboration and will be approaching Palanivel soon for a table talk with the party number 1 man.
“The ground is very positive for us and our groundwork among the party members has showed a very optimistic result towards our third force,” the leader, who preferred to be anonymous, said.
The leader said that the movement will request Palanivel to set up a special task force comprising of young professionals from various backgrounds in order to attract the young generations of the Indian community.
“Third force has been observing MIC’s latest fiasco after party elections very closely and we feel that the party must put bigger agenda rather than harping on same old issues which can cause damage to party future.
“MIC must also learn from the past mistakes and must move on towards the party betterment under Palanivel’s new leadership,” he said.
The leader, a lawyer by profession, added: “We have carried out observations and studies on the party and have compiled a blueprint that can assist the (MIC) president to enhance on what the party is lacking of.
“We will also discuss on how we can contribute to the party by uniting with the party members,” the leader added.
The leader said that the third force is seeking for an immediate “ice breaking “session with Palanivel to be a helping hand for MIC and the Indian community.
“We are ready to join MIC to help the community and young generation. The MIC will be a great platform to achieve our objectives.
“Third force is not a normal movement, but we are the “solid voice” of the younger generation and want to create new political approaches and strategies.
The spokesperson of third force told TMT that, MIC leaders must show good example to the community and young generation and must cut off “arrogant characteristics” to disunity.
On December 10, TMT reported that the ‘third force’, comprised of over 10,000 youths, is gearing up to join hands with MIC and be committed in working towards reinforcing the party under Palanivel’s guidance.
The initial agenda of the non-political movement, which includes professionals and graduates, is to fight for the community’s plights and to restructure the 67-year-old MIC.
It was learnt that a ‘prominent young leader’ will be heading the ‘third force’ and would be the MIC’s missile to launch initiatives aimed for the development of the party and to persuade the Indian community to put their trust in the party.
Another leader, who is involved in the third force initiative, told TMT that the only priority of the movement is to be a helping hand to the community and the party.
“We will not seek any political mileage or request for a seat during election and we are very strong in our purposes,” the leader, who spoke in condition of anonymity, said.
The reports on the ‘third force’ initiative were received well by MIC leaders and the young generation.
Earlier, newly elected MIC vice presidents Datuk S. Sothinathan and Datuk S. Balakrishnan had expressed their support on the idea of alliance between the party and the huge group of young leaders.
“Youth are always an important force to the party. “They are the shadow of the party,” Sothinathan, who is also the Negri Sembilan MIC chairman, had said.
While, Balakrishnan, the Johor chief, said: “That (the collaboration) should be welcomed. “This is important because they (youth) are the future voters.”
Besides the two, newly elected Central Working Committee (CWC) member S. Sunther also lauded the call for cooperation for the party betterment.
“If it is true (that a third force exists) then it is definitely good for the party,” Sunther was quoted as saying.
In the meantime, the ‘third force also managed to get their attention from the young generations, who felt that the MIC needs a magic touch from the youth.
Official announcement on the MIC-Third force partnership is expected to be made soon.

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