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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Perkasa the No. 14 componest: The 'BRIGHTEST' 'JEWEL' in BN's crown

Perkasa the No. 14 componest: The 'BRIGHTEST' 'JEWEL' in BN's crown
DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang has labelled Perkasa as the 14th member of Barisan Nasional coalition following Perkasa secretary general Syed Hassan Syed Ali’s admission that the right wing NGO has been receiving funding by various government agencies.
“The extremist and racist Perkasa is the unofficial 14th member of the Barisan Nasional coalition with greater heft and more influence than “7-11” MCA and the other 12 BN component parties combined.
We must thank the Perkasa President Ibrahim Ali for his hubris at the annual general meeting of Perkasa a week ago getting much too big for his shoes for this expose of this top UMNO/BN secret for the past four years,” mocked Lim in a statement posted in his blog.
Lim said Ibrahim’s so-called ‘threat’ for Perkasa to replace UMNO had helped to shed a lot of lights on Perkasa-UMNO’s secrets, especially when it prompted a sharp rebuke it received from Felda chairman Isa Samad who said: “We protected Perkasa and it received plenty of benefits from us. How will it replace us?”
“This led to the spilling of the beans that Perkasa had been receiving government funds with the Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali admitting receiving funds from government agencies such as the National Security Council (MKN), National Civic Bureau (BTN) and Special Affairs Department (Jasa) and the Selangor Perkasa chief Abdul Bakar Yahya saying these funds were intended to help BN in the 13th and 14th general elections,” said Lim.
The Gelang Patah MP said the revelation had put Prime Minister Najib Razak’s moderate image in scrutiny as Perkasa holds the belief of Ketuanan Melayu, which contradicted his 1Malaysia stand.
Lim said the people are entitled to know who gave the approval to fund Perkasa, whether there was any other government agency doing the same besides MKN, BTN and Jasa.
“Most important of all, whether Ministers and leaders from MCA and the other 12 BN component parties had given their approval for the secret government funding of Perkasa or whether they were kept completely in the dark about the BN/UMNO government’s secret funding of Perkasa,” he added. - Harakahdaily

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