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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Email to Rafizi fake, says alleged sender

Abdul Rahim Ghouse, the man who purportedly sent an email to PKR strategies director Rafizi Ramli over plans to set off "small explosions" on New Year's Eve, has denied being the author of the email.

"I deny it as that letter did not originate from me. Someone wrote that letter in my name.

"They (the original authors) have their own agenda, but they are trying to involve me instead," he was quoted as saying in aMingguan Malaysia report today.

Abdul Rahim is described as an ally of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

He was referring to a copy of an email circulated among pro-Umno bloggers of an "Ops Turun" and a warning for "our guys" to avoid five locations in Kuala Lumpur where there would be "small explosions".

"There will be several minor expl. (explosion) similar to the previous event when Anwar dismissed form the sodomy charge. Please remind our guys on the code we use.

"When the time comes, they will act per discussed in our previous meeting. Take advantage on the big crowd during the New Year eve," the email titled 'C for Chaos' read.

The email added that social media teams will record the event and upload them on Youtube to blame the incidents on the government.

"If any of your team members get arrested before the main event, do not screw up. They will be compensated for that. Kudos to Azan Safar for this," it said.

Price hike rally ruffling feathers

The image of the email showed the sender as Ghouse and the recipient Rafizi, with a carbon copy to Tindak Malaysia chief Wong Piang Yow.

The bloggers claimed that copies of the email were being circulated on Facebook.

Azan is the leader of NGO Turun, which is organising an anti-price hike protest at Dataran Merdeka on New Year's Eve.

Police arrested Azan on Dec 23 for allegedly for attempting to carry out activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy, but was forced to release him after failing to obtain a remand.

Azan had stressed that the rally is solely to pressure the government over its recent hikes on fuel, electricity, sugar and other essentials.

Rafizi was today questioned at Dang Wangi police station over the alleged email.

The Pandan MP slammed the authorities for questioning the victim of the alleged scam instead of probing those circulating the email.

"After this, if someone gets an email concerning (Prime Minister Najib Razak's wife) Rosmah Mansor, are they going question her (Rosmah)?" he joked to the media at the station today.

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