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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jom Menyusahkan Manusia : Raise Toll Ok But Why 400%?

  • Johor Causeway 400% toll hike unfair, severe blow to commuters, say lawmakers
  • Johor politicians from both sides lashed out calling it unfair and a burden
  • hike heavy blow to Malaysians who commute daily to the island republic for work 
  • Umno lawmaker Nur Jazlan Mohamed has also criticised exorbitant hike
  • said it should be postponed pending further analysis.
  • said toll hike would first and foremost burden Johoreans working in Singapore
  • "I don't understand rationale for the toll hike to burden the people" Nur  
  • The Public Accounts Committee chairman added rationale did not make sense.
  • "EDL is a privatisation project to benefit the public and not incur higher toll,"
  • Nur Jazlan questioned LLM rationale those not crossing to Johor  not  affected.
    • "All these hardships are imposed because the cronies have to be paid for the highway 
    • a motorist currently paying RM2.90 one way would have to pay RM16.50 
    • wanted to know if MRCB was still the toll concession holder for the EDL.
    • the “ridiculous” hike when MRCB's concession was for 34 years.
    • explain the terms of both concessions; PLUS and MRCB 
    • minister had said in September 2012 that government will absorb cost of EDL 
    • PLUS collecting toll for 20 years between RM867 million and RM1.5 billion
  • According to LLM, passenger car rates will, beginning Friday, be raised from RM2.90 to RM16.50 (RM9.70 inbound and RM6.80 outbound), while taxis will have to pay a total of RM8.20 (RM4.80 inbound, RM3.40 outbound), up from the previous RM1.40.
  • The charges for buses have been raised from RM2.30 to RM13.30 (RM7.80 inbound, RM5.50 outbound).
  • Toll for Class Two vehicles will go up from RM4.50 to RM24.90 (RM14.70 inbound and RM10.20 outbound) while Class Three vehicles would have to fork out RM33.30 (RM19.70 inbound, RM13.60 outbound) both ways, up from the previous RM6.10. – July 27, 2014
My comments :  "Nur Jazlan questioned LLM rationale those not crossing to Johor  not  affected ". 

I think LLM's logic is simple. If you dont brush your teeth, then why do you complain about the price of toothpaste or the price of a toothbrush?

If you dont wear shoes why complain about the price of shoes? 

Does that sound right? Are there really FOUR Ministers in Holland to look into the MH17 crash? Why? Instead of going to Holland where nothing much will be achieved why not the PM look into this latest round of 'Jom kita menyusahkan manusia' action by his gomen?

What happened to Rakyat Di Dahulukan? PLUS dan MRCB lebih dahulu dari dahulu? 

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