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Thursday, July 31, 2014


PAS thinks that it is now a national party. The reality is PAS is a non-entity unless they can garner the votes of the non-Malays and the liberal Malays. PAS cannot swim against the tide. If PAS does not play ball with PKR and DAP then PAS might as well leave Pakatan Rakyat because it cannot remain in Pakatan Rakyat and at the same time have a mind of its own.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
(NST) – The MIC today demanded an apology from a Muslim preacher, Ustaz Shahul Hamid Seeni Mohd, who is a PAS member and who had allegedly insulted the Hindu faith during a talk. Party president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel said Shahul “should apologise with regard to his disparaging remarks.”
(The Kuala Lumpur Post) – Shahul, upon learning that the clip with his incendiary remark was uploaded on social media, posted an apology on his Facebook account on Tuesday and also released a video clip apologising for his remarks. He said that he had not realised anyone would upload the video as he had made the statement in a closed-door event, adding that it was not for public viewing.
However, Datuk R.S. Mohan Shan, the Hindu Sangam President, said Hindu Sangam would not accept the apology and added that he had written to both the Inspector-General of Police and Jakim to take action against Shahul for insulting the Hindu religion.
Ustaz Shahul Hamid Seeni Mohd is the second PAS member or leader after PAS strategist Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki to attract controversy within a week for saying something in private, which was then leaked to the public.
Shahul and Dr Mohd Zuhdi may argue that what they said was said in confidence, in private, or behind closed doors. However, once what they say in confidence, in private, or behind closed doors gets leaked, then all hell will break loose.
In Shahul’s case, the person who video-recorded what he said might have published that video without realising the damage that was going to be done. Hence it was merely an act of stupidity. In Dr Mohd Zuhdi’s case, though, it was intentionally done and calculated to get him into trouble because he is opposed to PKR’s Kajang Move and to the ouster of Khalid Ibrahim as the Selangor Menteri Besar.
In other words, it was meant to screw him good and proper and to teach him a lesson for going against Anwar Ibrahim.
Let this be a good lesson to the other PAS members and leaders. You must be very careful what you whisper to trusted friends, colleagues and comrades because in politics there is no such thing as friends, colleagues or comrades. In politics, every friend, colleague and comrade is a potential enemy if you do not share a common goal or aspiration.
Hence there are no trusted friends, colleagues and comrades. You must distrust everyone and not speak about what you think, even in private, in confidence, or behind closed doors. In other words, keep your mouth shut and not offer your opinion, share your thoughts, or respond to any question even if that person asking that question is someone you think you can trust because you never know who you can trust.
Remember what happened to the PKR chief for Penang, Dr Mansor Othman? He said something unfavourable about the Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, during a confidential and closed-door meeting of the party and what he said was leaked.
Party meetings are supposed to be confidential and what is discussed behind closed doors is meant for the ears of only those in the meeting. But what Dr Mansor said was leaked to the public and all hell broke loose.
People should stop talking to one another. They should not discuss matters and exchange views. In fact, discussions and meetings should no longer be held. Just stay home and keep quiet and not text or WhatsApp anyone. You never know if what you say may be leaked and will get you into trouble.
Christians should stop attending church or Bible study classes. They should stop talking about Jesus Christ amongst themselves. If Christians make the terrible and unforgivable mistake of saying that Jesus is the saviour and the Son of God and that those who accept Jesus will go to heaven, and if this is leaked, it may upset Muslims who will think that you are insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad.
Insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad is a crime in Malaysia. It may even trigger unrest and make the Muslims angry, who may then respond in a hostile or violent manner. And we certainly do not want to see bloodshed in Malaysia like what we see in many other Muslim countries.
The government must also control all the sermons read in mosques during Friday prayers. Imams should not say that Islam is the true religion, even if Muslims believe that Islam is the true religion. By saying that Islam is the true religion you are implying that all other religions are not true religions. And this will upset Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and so on.
Muslims should not be allowed to loudly read the Qur’an, as they normally do in Qur’an recital sessions, even in the privacy of their homes. And public reading of the Qur’an, such as in Qur’an reading competitions, should be banned.
Some verses in the Qur’an are not complementary to the other faiths. And if you read the Qur’an, and if you happen to read those verses that are not complementary to the other religions, and if this is leaked to the public, you will get into a whole load of shit.
PAS in particular needs to take special note of this. Read what the DAP leaders such as Tony Pua and Charles Santiago plus many others said. Read what the DAP supports, in particular the Chinese, said. PAS is nothing without Chinese support. Without the Chinese votes PAS will be reduced to an insignificant and mosquito party that will win votes only in the kampungs where the farmers and fishermen live.
PAS thinks that it is now a national party. The reality is PAS is a non-entity unless they can garner the votes of the non-Malays and the liberal Malays. PAS cannot swim against the tide. If PAS does not play ball with PKR and DAP then PAS might as well leave Pakatan Rakyat because it cannot remain in Pakatan Rakyat and at the same time have a mind of its own.
Le me put it another way. PKR is the driver and DAP the co-pilot. PAS is merely a passenger. So if PAS does not like the direction Pakatan Rakyat is going then just get off the bus.
As Anwar Ibrahim said, Pakatan Rakyat works on consensus. And if PKR and DAP vote one way but PAS votes the other way then no consensus can be reached. A consensus means all three must vote in concert. Hence to be able to reach this consensus PAS must vote according to how PKR and DAP wishes them to vote. If not then PAS will not be seen as a team player and therefore might as well get out of Pakatan Rakyat.
This is nothing personal. I am not picking on PAS or targeting them for reprimand. Even Khalid Ibrahim is under attack for not being a team player. And remember what happened to Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim? He, too, was not a team player and they whacked him good and proper.
So even non-team players in PKR and DAP have or are being punished. So do you think PAS can get away with not being a team player and not get punished?
PAS has to sit up and listen. No more private discussions regarding Pakatan Rakyat. No more resisting the Kajang Move. And no more talk regarding Islam, the Islamic State, or the Islamic laws of Hudud. Try to be a team player and respect secular Malaysia and the spirit of freedom of religion, which, of course, also means the freedom to leave Islam and to practice a liberal lifestyle.
And if PAS cannot do this then, as Tony Pua said, get ready to be punished and pack your bags and go back to the kampung.

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