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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PENANG SHOCKER: I offered to help cop but he hit me instead - teenager

PENANG SHOCKER: I offered to help cop but he hit me instead - teenager
BALIK PULAU - A 20-year-old youth claimed he was hit with a baseball bat by a policeman when he offered assistance to the latter in Jalan Teluk Kumbar late on Sunday night.
In the 11.15pm incident, Muhammad Faiz Abdul Ghani was with his friend on a motorcycle heading for here from Teluk Kumbar.
“A car stopped us by the roadside
when my friend and I were on the motorcycle.
“We asked if he needed help, but to my surprise, he started accusing me of trying to rob him.
“He then took out a baseball bat and started hitting me hard.
“We quickly sped from the scene,” he said.
Faiz subsequently lodged a police report and sought treatment at Balik Pulau Hospital.
He sustained a broken left elbow and hand, as well as injuries to his waist.
Southwest district police chief Superintendent Lai Fah Hin said investigations found that there was a misunderstanding as the policeman thought someone was trying to rob him.
“No further action has been taken as the matter has been settled amicably between the two parties.
“However, we will undertake further investigations to determine why it happened,” Lai said. -NST

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