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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No new dawn for Malaysia as forces re-align?

YOURSAY ‘The real question is whether it is possible to end race-based politics.’

Leaked PAS message: Team up with Umno in S'gor

Disbeliever: I have always given PAS the benefit of the doubt. Now with the latest development, I'm definitely not going to vote for PAS ever again. It looks like PAS is a 'musuh dalam selimut' for Pakatan Rakyat.

Not only is there a covert intention to leave Pakatan but there is strong overtone of racial and religious discrimination which actually tarnishes the real Islam which is being practiced worldwide.

I really don't know what kind of Islam is being practiced in  Malaysia where its followers who comprise the nation’s majority keep harping on the issue that the religion is under threat.

Everyone who is rational knows that this claim is nothing more than a fiction of the imagination.

David Dass: The issue is not the break up of Pakatan. That is inevitable given the fundamental difference among the various component parties on hudud.

The real question is whether it is possible to end race-based politics in this country. We have seen the beginning of a two-party system. That was or is a milestone in our path to becoming a full-blown democracy.

The country was becoming used to having a strong opposition. And the country was becoming accustomed to having an 'opposition' government in four states.

Of course, the tension has been high. And religious and racial issues have been played to the hilt. These issues have thrown up fissures in PAS.

The PAS agenda has as its ultimate objective the Islamic state. And the DAP is implacably opposed to it. There has always been concern about DAP's 'Malaysian Malaysia' - a merit-based system underpinned by a need-based preferential policy.

Whatever the outcome of the current problems faced by PKR, the hope for the country - and for all Malaysians - is that our democracy be strengthened and that racial and religious politics will end at some point.

Is that too much to hope for?

Thinking Aloud: If the report is true that PAS will team up with Umno, will BN become stronger? In theory, yes.

MCA, MIC and Gerakan and all the East Malaysian Mps will be rendered 'of no real benefit to Umno' in this new scenario, only Umno and PAS MPs will call the shots.

But will Umno-PAS marriage partners live happily ever after? Will Umno leaders share the business and economic spoils with PAS in an equitable manner? Not unless the sun rises from the west because of ingrained big brother attitude and pure greed.

Will Umno pursue hudud for PAS' sake? Umno leaders will find all sorts of excuses not to implement it as it will not suit their lifestyle. And, so watch out for a new political show if an Umno-PAS marriage takes place.
Waktamnoko: It is easier to 'Umnonise' PKR than to do so with PAS. All those Malay MPs in Pakatan might just leave their party and join Umno. After all, party de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim may no longer be around to lead them.

With more than half of the Pakatan MPs joining Umno along with PAS; that leaves only the DAP on their own. So to those DAP supporters urging the party "to cut ties with PAS", please grow up.

DAP will remain an opposition party with the support of only 25 percent of the non-Malay population - and a shrinking one at that.
Proarte: PAS said: "After this, if DAP and non-Muslims make noise about the Allah issue or raids, we can just swat them away... At the end of this year just change the borders to return all the Malay-Muslim political power."

Is this the true face of PAS and Islam? A lot of soul searching by PAS supporters is required. Does PAS represent Islam? If so, is Islam then a racist and bigoted religion?

Why is PAS mooting the idea of cooperation with Umno, a party which it claims is corrupt and unIslamic? Is Islam an immoral religion which is riddled with contradiction and promotion of immoral behaviour as exemplified by PAS?

If Islam is not immoral and unprincipled, then PAS does not represent Islam and hence PAS supporters must rethink their blind allegiance to PAS.

Negarawan: This is exactly what we expected from PAS if it comes into power. It’s no different from Umno. Islamisation has brought Malaysia backwards, and there seem to be no end to it. A bleak future for Malaysia.

Anonymous #68219004: To talk of Malay power, shows there are elements in PAS which behaves the same way as Umno. They are not the enlightened, justice seeking and all encompassing ‘Malaysians’ we have voted for.

If they want to split, let it be. This is the time, for the true ‘Malaysian’ PAS politicians to stand up and be counted.

Break away and be part of a new Pakatan that stands for justice for all Malaysians and not by their race or religion.

Zen: It’s a sad day for those who want to weaken Malay power and religion in Malaysia.

Dr Jacob George: 'Zen' is right, this is about 'Malay power' and nothing to do with Islam as Islam means peace - love, caring, goodness, piety, sacrifice, concern, upholding truth, justice, for the unfortunate even those of other faiths.

Argonist: The WhatsApp messages are of course a premeditated leak. Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim had better get together the coalition leaders and get a final decision on the Selangor MB.

There is no point giving the Umno-BN government all the bullets to use and destroy what the majority of the population wanted for Malaysia - an alternative government.

Take a vote of no confidence on Khalid Ibrahim as it is the legal and politically correct way if he does not resign. We abide by the majority, even among brothers and sisters.
Single Malt: We are back to square one again. Politics in this country is so dirty that it cannot be cleaned, no matter what detergent is used. The most proven and genuine party is DAP, which has stood the test of time.

DAP should just remain a standalone party and hopefully it will be supported by all races. In the meantime, just rule Penang and show the world how the state has progressed beyond recognition.

It is not going to be easy as the racists and religious bigots, supported by greedy Chinese and Indians, will go to any extend to annihilate DAP. 

Intheair: After this revelation, the issue of changing the Selangor MB is no longer relevant. Pakatan after some re-aligning should push for assembly dissolution to seek a fresh mandate from Selangorians. -Mkini

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