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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Next Cabinet Meeting In Holland

Well why not? The Prime Minister is going to Holland with half the Cabinet. Instead of just standing around scratching their backsides, they may as well have a Cabinet meeting while they are there. Easier to dish out the MAS break up, the "save CIMB"  merger (yup it seems that way), the fuel subsidy management contract, the latest Causeway Toll hike crap and all sorts of other goodies. Less interference for the cronies to make their pitch. 

The PM and the Cabinet can do nothing different in the Netherlands than what can be done via phone or video conferencing from here. This looks like another useless junkie trip. 

There is a set scientific and logical process to identifying the remains through DNA, fingerprints  etc.  There is nothing the PM can do that can expedite or improve this scientific process. My reading is the PM's bungling presence in Holland will cause even more delays to the whole process.

Here be the news:

  • Health Minister Subramaniam will be heading to the Netherlands today as part of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s multi-ministerial delegation there.
  • disaster victim identification (DVI) process was always going to be a complex 
  • even more challenging because many of the MH17 victims’ remains were not intact
  • depends on the condition of the bodies
  • special technique required to obtain fingerprints from body undergone decomposition
  • a mix of fresh remains and those in moderate to advanced stages of decomposition.
  • Dr Mohd Shah hoped the DVI process would be completed in two to three weeks’ time.
  • 20 to 25 cases a day was processed 
  • cases could involve a complete body, body fragment or just a lump of tissue.
  • say a hand is missing, the authorities will not be keen to release it.  if they find hand after that? How will they return it? This is the part causing delays” 
  • first determine if the remains were human or not 
  • whether they came from more than one individual.
  • matching the post-mortem data with ante-mortem data done in The Hague
  • Dutch police chief was quoted ". I believe the chances are not very good that we will get them all (the bodies)”
So what is the PM and half the Cabinet going to do in Holland ? 

Buy cheese 
Visit the Tulip farms (its summer now)
Go down to the canals.
Buy a souvenir windmill.
Go shopping

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