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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PAS risks internal split if it rejoins BN

YOURSAY 'But once Pakatan breaks in S'gor, it will break nationally.'

Leaked PAS message: Team up with Umno in S'gor

Quigonbond: A question that must be asked is why PAS is back-paddling on the idea of welfare state instead of hudud.

Do they seriously think they can work with a corrupt BN? Whither ideas of justice and fairness in PAS? Why have they suddenly turned into racial-religious bigots? Is it because they did not win as much as they liked in GE13?

But don't they realise that even if they join BN, they will still fight over the same pie with Umno? Or is this strictly over Selangor?

Even if it is strictly Selangor, they should realise that once Pakatan Rakyat breaks in Selangor, it will break nationally. One's faith is inextricably tied to the other.

Perhaps PAS is looking for a breakup. But then the challenge will be how the Erdogans can break the political stranglehold of the conservatives in the party and from there break into the rural hearts and minds in Peninsular Malaysia.

They don't have much traction in Sabah and Sarawak - that remains the gauntlet for DAP and PKR.

Malaccan: PAS research centre operations director Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki has as good as admitted himself to have no honour nor integrity.

He sickeningly explains his bigoted and extremist views about non-Muslims by claiming it was an analysis, and uses distraction in his Umno-like defence. It is wholly valid for PAS to consider leaving Pakatan, which they should if they retain Zuhdi and his kind in its top leadership.

Who will trust a viper as rabid as Perkasa or Isma, and who will betray a friend or brother? He is despicable and a deeply immoral person who harbours hatred and resentment for political partners and the rakyat who are non-Muslims.

His tries to sully others and drag them into his scandal and even attempts to pull PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim into the crossfire. PAS should reject him to retain some honour for itself. My respect to Kuala Krai MP Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli.

Anonymous_1388755032: PKR and DAP must give an ultimatum to PAS to get their act together and to be fully commit to the Pakatan alliance, or otherwise sack them from Pakatan.

Better to have short-term pain and long-term gain. Abdul Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz Nik Mat are kampung-type leaders who are only good enough to lead Kelantan as evidenced by their failure in Terengganu and Kedah.

I hope the other moderate and enlightened PAS leaders such as Khalid Samad, Mohamad Sabu, Husam Musa, Mujahid Rawa, Dzulkifli Ahmad, Mahfuz Omar, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin, ex-Perak MB Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, etc, will all abandon the current PAS (that wants to enjoin itself to the evil Umno).

Either they set up a new party and join the Pakatan alliance or join PKR, or better still, join DAP.

Fair Play: I think an imminent breakup is about to happen within PAS - between the moderate and the religious grouping. Is it good for DAP and PKR? Only time will tell. It's also likely that a snap election in Selangor is on the cards too.

Myrights: I voted for PAS in GE13 despite my reservations about them purely because I wanted my vote to go to the Pakatan coalition.

But I have always had the concerns that PAS cannot be trusted and will force their ideology on the people when it is powerful enough, much like Umno. They will play along until one day, when opportunity comes up, they will seize power.

Today, my fear has materialised. PAS has backstabbed its partners and betrayed the people who voted for them.

Visu: PAS seems to epitomise the form of chicanery that is expected from fundamentalist Muslims.

Can non-Muslims trust Muslims? How can we when they garner support by deceit and now want to double-cross the non-Muslim voters just for power and foolish ambitions.

If PAS thinks that they are cunning, look at Umno - it epitomises cunningness.

David Dass: Can non-Muslims trust Muslims? Of course, they can. We cannot generalise. I have non-Muslim friends who I would trust with my life. When your relationships cross ethnic, cultural and religious barriers, many prejudices fall away.

There was a time - a long time ago - when Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians went to the same schools and played in the sports fields together. We visited one another’s homes on festivals.

Unfortunately, new found religiosity brought hyper-sensitivity to halal/haram elements which put an end to this kind of socialising. And ethnic schools grew in popularity with changes in the educational policy.

But the battle for a united Malaysia is not lost. It cannot be lost. All must work hard to build bridges. Emigration is not available to all or desired by all. This is our home.

Many do not like this eternal squabbling over what words we can use and what words we cannot use. And silly things like that. We have a federal constitution. We must understand it. We must use it.

And I do not think that we should polarise ourselves so completely. In Malaysian politics, one cannot take the view that all BN is bad and all Pakatan is good and vice versa. There are clearly factions within PAS. Let us see how this plays out.

PAS leaders Abdul Hadi and Nik Aziz did not see why Khalid should be moved out. They are entitled to take that view. Nevertheless, it is surprising that this issue was not agreed quietly behind closed doors.

PAS has to think deeply. As has the rest of PKR. Without Malay support, the DAP will be nothing more than opposition, except in Penang. Indeed, the nation has to do a great deal of soul searching.

Keturunan Malaysia: David Dass, I read you well and not only understand your comment but also gone through all those once upon a ‘good and peaceful’ time.

Rest assured, there are plenty of Malays and Muslims who can be trusted but as in every race, there will not only always be the bad and the ugly among them. And they will come with enough sprinkles of the crazy and mad ones as well. -Mkini

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