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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

WhatsApp texts show PAS can’t be trusted, say social media users

A screenshot of the WhatsApp message from PAS member Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki that has gone viral. – The Malaysian Insider pic, July 29, 2014.A screenshot of the WhatsApp message from PAS member Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki that has gone viral. – The Malaysian Insider pic, July 29, 2014.Social media users have once again responded to PAS over the leaked WhatsApp messages in which a central committee member had discussed the possibility of leaving Pakatan Rakyat, with many saying that this was proof that the Islamist party could not be trusted.
The party's research centre operations director Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki said, in a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation that went viral, that it could still retain Selangor if it left PR by joining forces with Umno.
The collaboration would create a simple majority and make it possible for Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to remain as menteri besar.
Twitter users called the other members Pakatan, DAP and PKR, to break off its alliance with PAS.
"After that whatsapp, many are Pissed with Pas," said @Art_Harun, while ‏@aimancaezar said: "No sympathy at all for PAS. High level political strategy being conducted on whatsapp AND you lose control of info flow. Basics man."
Many also expressed disappointment in PAS, which was previously known for its hard-line views before joining the PR coalition, saying that they had thought that the Islamist party had moved on from its extreme position.
@patricklsk said: "If the leaked WhatsApp group conversation is authentic, it's truly an eye opener to the REAL PAS. And I thought you have move passed that..."
"If that was really a legitimate screenshot of PAS Whatsapp group, then I don't know what to say anymore," said @afifsohaili.
@Sasindran88 added, "PAS is reaching its end already with the latest WhatsApp revelations as it shows the truth and racial side of the party which is supposedly linked with the top leadership of the party!!!"
"Looks like PAS is a more a Malay rather than Muslim party," @hwabeng said.
Twitter user @Mat_Liberal said, "Enough of your so-called "coalition" with PAS la - they cannot be trusted. Worse still- are too stupid!!"
PKR and DAP also expressed outrage over the leaked messages, and called on PAS's leadership to make a firm stand over the issue.
DAP's Anthony Loke said that PAS's proposed alliance with Umno to form the Selangor state government is a betrayal to PR and to the people of Selangor.
PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli called on PAS to take disciplinary action against Zuhdi and hit out at Zuhdi for the racial and religious tone in the leaked message.
Zuhdi, meanwhile, Argued that the messages was only a study of possible scenarios if the party was to leave PR, adding that he was asked by others in the WhatsApp group to analyse the situation in Selangor.
He said his analysis was based on the proposal of a senior PAS leader who had put forward a motion for PAS to leave the PR coalition, which was supported by "not more than 10 PAS leaders" in the group.
However, he said he was not one of the 10 and hit out at the "whistleblower", who had leaked out the messages, for smearing his name.
Yesterday, social media users hit out at PAS, expressing their outrage over its resistance to removing Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor menteri besar, with many calling for the Islamist party to leave Pakatan Rakyat.
Others hit out at the loosely held coalition over the "mess" in Selangor, saying that PR was bound to lose Malaysia's richest state to Barisan Nasional if it did not resolve the matter soon.

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