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Thursday, July 31, 2014

THEN BE FAIR & ARREST MAKER OF VILE SPEECH: Cops advice against gatherings over racist video

THEN BE FAIR & ARREST MAKER OF VILE SPEECH: Cops advice against gatherings over racist video
KUALA LUMPUR - The police today advised the people against assembling or gathering at any location to express their disappointment over a circulated video clip of an individual allegedly making provocative and racist remarks.
Assistant chief of the Inspector-General of Police Secretariat (Corporate Communications), ACP Datin Asmawati Ahmad, said the police had not received any notice for assemblies and, as such, action could be taken against the organisers of the gatherings under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.
“The police advice to those unhappy with the circulation of the issue (video clip) is to make a police report and not to resort to using the social media to insult or condemn the individual or do anything unlawful,” she said.
Asmawati also advised those giving talks to exercise caution and wisdom so that their message did not undermine racial harmony and touch on racial sensitivities.
Talks were a medium to call for doing good and should not be manipulated by anyone to disrupt racial harmony, she said in a statement.
“The people must be prudent in evaluating the information they garner and should not get too excited to share it on the social media because sensitive issues can undermine public order,” she said.
Asmawati warned that anyone attempting to or engaging in any act that was tantamount to inciting or instigating could be prosecuted under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act.
The penalty was a fine of up to RM5,000 or a maximum jail term of three years, or both, upon conviction for the first offence, she said.
For the second and subsequent offences, the individual could be sentenced to a maximum of five years jail, she added. – BERNAMA

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