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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PAS man tells 'dictator' Anwar to retire

Just a day before his controversial messages in instant messaging application WhatsApp were leaked online, PAS' Research Centre operations director Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki had launched a tirade against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim on social media.

Branding Anwar a "dictator" for the way he operates Pakatan Rakyat, Zuhdi also, among others, expressed his Hari Raya wish that Anwar would retire.

"I wish Eidul Fitri al-Mubarak to Anwar Ibrahim, with the sincere hope that you retire from politics, too many Malaysians from all walks of life are being dragged into your personal agenda," he wrote on the eve of Hari Raya on hisFacebook page.

He also questioned Anwar's position in PKR and Pakatan, saying that it was almost as if the latter had “limitless powers".

He also branded Anwar a "dictator" for announcing several moves in the past without prior consultation with Pakatan partners.

Yesterday, Zuhdi again took to Facebook and said that he believed his earlier criticism of Anwar was the reason he was "targeted", with only his messages leaked online yesterday morning.

"I am just reflecting others' opinions. That is the problem when only my message is revealed but not the messages before that," Zuhdi wrote.

Yesterday, Malaysiakini reported that the leaked messagesshowed that PAS has been actively discussing scenarios should they leave Pakatan Rakyat.

One such scenario put forth by Zuhdi, was that PAS should join forces with Umno and form a simple-majority government in Selangor while retaining Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as menteri besar.

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