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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shell Lundang

First time ever in my life,to all my best Muslim friend I here to say Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,Maaf Zahir Dan batin.
But to those did this you can go to hell and let your Allah to punish you all,I don't understand raya why can't stay at home with full of family or play your firework at home??izit nice to play on the road with full of car?and hurt somebody?izit syiok to throw the firework or firecracker into petrol station??do you know how dangerous are petrol is?if the petrol station blow up?half of the lundang road gone,you want play we can't stop you,but go far far away and not play on the road.
THING HAPPENG:we going to warning you but you dislike it and this is what happen after that fight us,In Chinese we said "趁火打劫" mean rod the owner house when on fire.
THING DISAPPOINTED:Is our MALAYSIA POLICE when they start playing firework we have report 5time to IPK KELANTAN that they have lost control playing the firecracker,their feed back is "oooo kito akan hantar polis gi ronda" we report on 12am your polis come at 1am,but when you come is three motorbike polis just pass by in front our station.Then nvm after that we do report again to IPD,IPK,999,RAKAN COP when the thing happen on 3am your feedback is "okok Kita Akan hatar polis pergi kawal" nvm we try our best to protect our office and counter,but when you reach is 4am and when you reach our petrol station already damage and some of the thing have been stolen, nevermind but the word I can't tahan is when the polis say I can't do anything I just can control the crowd outside,you want you can go to petrol station and do report or you can settle your self here, Malaysia boleh!! That all!!! Shame on you polis and who did this to my station go to hell for those hit my father,for those brainless people let change our situation see how you feel?
When the Malays go berserk, it is okay.
When PDRM does no work, it is okay.
When PM takes four Ministers, IGP, his wife, children and 30 entourage to Hall Lant as an excuse to look at pieces of flesh from MH17, instead went shopping and holiday WE KNOW WE ARE AT DEATH BED.

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