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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Truthfully Yours
Truthfully Yours

Whilst many lambaste the government for the latest decision over the status of Sedition Act, few have stopped to question why our Prime Minister announced the rationale behind his decision to  retain and to strengthen this act.

Every now and then we read nonsensical and divisive comments about races, religions or even leaders. If truth be told, the Sedition Act is the last bastion that the government can use to exercise control over citizens misuse of freedom of speech. More importantly, the move will safeguard  the sanctity of Islam and  other religions.

In recent years, there are those who have been inciting others to advocate the separation of Sabah  and Sarawak from the Federation.

Never has this nation ever been as divided nor embroiled in such turbulence. As we approach the end of the year, it is crystal clear to me that despite whatever arguments about Machiavellian grips the government has over citizens, the Sedition act is definitely needed at this point of time to safeguard and protect race relations.

For far too long, too many in our society have been in overdrive mode to undermine the peace  and harmony enjoyed by this nation for over half a century.

If this continues, I cannot imagine how people would be suing or slapping one another in disagreement over the minutest details. We see a barrage of insulting comments with much bravado by netizens – either brainwashed, blinded, baited or paid to divide people.

For sure, I give the Prime Minister a standing ovation for his firm resolve to protect the sanctity  of all religions, especially Islam.

Take a look at US. It is the big brother and yet because of freedom and liberty, we see the Ferguson riots which erupted when details of the original shooting event emerged from investigators.

Since then, police have established curfews and deployed riot squads to maintain order. From initial peaceful protests, the world has seen looting and violent unrest in the vicinity of the original shooting.

Together with concerned Malaysians, especially PM Najib, I am sure we all do not want this to happen in our nation. For that reason, I implore Malaysians to stop griping, to put a stop to divisive comments and to work towards building a nation where we all can live and thrive in peace and harmony.

It is a must to retain and to strengthen the Sedition Act.

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