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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, November 30, 2014

DANGER AHEAD: By failing to play by the rules, Umno has sealed its own break-up & Malaysia's

DANGER AHEAD: By failing to play by the rules, Umno has sealed its own break-up & Malaysia's
By what Malaysians have witnessed at the recent UMNO general assembly it is evident that the war cry of “ketuanan Melayu” (Malay supremacy) has not abated but the ante appears to have been upped although a growing number of Malays no longer subscribe to this self-serving mantra.
Why? This is because “ketuanan Melayu” is guilty of establishing the minority UMNO Malay elite at the expense of the bulk or majority of Malays and therefore it is clear that UMNO has lost touch and connectivity with the majority of grass root Malays.
UMNO claims it is championing the four key thrusts printed in the Federal Constitution which is Islam as the official religion in the federal region, the Sultans as constitutional rulers, Malay rights and the Malay language as the national language.
Any quarter who tried to question and “disturb” this four key thrusts, according to the home minister, could be investigated under the archaic and obsolete Sedition Act 1948 which was promised to be abolished by the Malaysian prime minister in an assurance to the international community.
But Malaysian premier, Najib Tun Razak, has reneged on his promise at the recent assembly by stating that in fact the Sedition Act 1948 will be strengthened and used as a tool to uphold and protect the rights and privileges of the Malays in this country. He also said he was maintaining the oppressive law for the sake of Malay solidarity.
But the basis of whatever UMNO wishes to achieve through their refusal to negotiate a new social contract is undemocratic and also a failure in ensuring that fair play, meritocracy and justice are in place which is the root of everyone’s unhappiness and misery in this country.
UMNO remains incorrigible
Just when Malaysians of all walks of life were beginning to think and believe that UMNO Malays have learnt their lessons and repented, there comes this blast from them that they are sticking to their “ketuanan Melayu” gambit.
This means its back to the drawing board for non-UMNO Malays and all other Malaysians who had hoped that UMNO will shed their selfish, self-serving four key thrust enshrined in the federal constitution and begin afresh and anew with a new Malaysian order.
A Malaysian order that will see and witness the taking shape of an egalitarian society where every Malaysian, irrespective of race and religion, will be able to enjoy and be fulfilled with the full tenets and obligations of democracy in place.
But by all that transpired at the latest UMNO general assembly it looks like the UMNO Malays are not shifting from their defiant and obstinate stance and it is now up to the rest of Malaysians, the silent majority in the coming general election to do what is necessary when casting their votes.
Only this time there should be no let up, no foot dragging as the UMNO general assembly has clearly shown the myopic vision of UMNO Malays who wish only to linger and stay on in power to further enrich themselves unfairly at the expense of other Malaysians.

No change in UMNO’s game plan
UMNO is not only guilty of fleecing the financial coffers of the nation, it has also shown at this general assembly that it is bankrupt of ideas and leaders with vision and foresight as there is no change in their game plan.
The ugly truth that is beginning to emerge is, for all their hard work and effort, the bulk of Malaysians are bitter and angry with UMNO for being responsible in not distributing the wealth of the nation equitably and fairly.
This is really the sore point and this is the bone of contention of Malaysians outside the covering of UMNO who are sick and tired and fed up of the evil of corruption and the abuse of power and authority by UMNO to suppress and oppress Malaysians.
Basically, the scenario that has emerged and evolved over the years has witnessed UMNO painting itself into a corner and being isolated and ostracized by Malaysians who feel that this small minority group should not hold sway and dominate the Malaysian masses.
Playing by the rules of the game
If the UMNO leadership had any sense of fairness and justice, of being right and proper, they would use their power and authority to ensure that they play by the rules of the game and practice and put in place pure democracy.
Women members get emotional on Malay supremacy rhetoric
But this appears not to be the case with UMNO. The reason for this lop-sided, biased and prejudiced governance by UMNO is because, if they practice pure democracy, their fear and belief is that they will also be pushed out of holding power.
This is why from the beginning, since the inception of the country or independence from the British in 1957, UMNO has doggedly persevered to uphold the special rights and privileges of Malays but this has backfired terribly on the majority of Malays and the non-Malays.
It is therefore high time that Malaysians of all walks of life begin to put on their thinking caps and realize who and what are the sources of their terrible unhappiness and misery and it doesn’t take long to figure out the dire need for UMNO to either reinvent itself or be dismantled by Malaysians.
This really is what it has all come down to – either UMNO plays by the rules of the game or face the reality that they will be booted by Malaysians in a free and fair general election and the right to and power to govern this country be handed over to right thinking and fair-minded Malaysians.
Racist organizations like UMNO who fail to play by the rules of the game are no longer in sync with the global aspirations of Malaysians who wish to see Malaysia move forward and take its rightful place and long overdue position as a Great Nation.
But the writing is on the wall and it is only a matter of time before the rallying UMNO cry of “ketuanan Melayu” turns into a whimper and like a whipped dog they put their tails between their legs and flee from those who wish to put an end to the ugliness of racism and the evil of their corruption in this country. - MAILBAG

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