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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

HIGH IQ ROLE MODEL FOR MALAYS? Isma claims hudud could have prevented Hannah's robbery

HIGH IQ ROLE MODEL FOR MALAYS? Isma claims hudud could have prevented Hannah's robbery
PETALING JAYA - An article on ismaweb.net reported Muslim group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia’s (Isma) president, Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman, saying that if DAP had accepted hudud, a heavier sentence could have been imposed on the suspects responsible for robbing Selangor speaker Hannah Yeoh’s parents.
“But unfortunately, DAP rejected hudud,” added Abdullah Zaik.
In the article entitled, “Rompakan di rumah pemimpin DAP dapat dielak jika ada hudud” (Robbery at DAP leader’s house could have been thwarted if there was hudud), he explained the incident could be repeated as the robbers did not fear the current punishments.
Yeoh posted on her Twitter account yesterday that five masked men had robbed her parents’ house in USJ.
According to the Selangor assembly member for Subang Jaya, the robbers had entered her parents’ home at about 10am, wearing gloves and masks to hide their identity.
They tied up her father and brother, while her mother, grand-aunt, niece, and maid were told to cover their heads with a blanket while the men ransacked the house.
According to Abdullah Zaik, Islam placed a high value on a person’s peace and property, which is why the punishments under the hudud law were severe.
He asked, “After the incident, is Hannah going to continue fighting for the rights of the robbers, or is she going to ask for them to be severely punished?”
But it has yet to be proven that the robbers were Muslim, and would therefore have been subject to hudud laws.
However, Isma had been earlier reported to insist that the hudud law applied to all citizens, regardless of their faith. - FMT

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