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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, March 30, 2015

RACE TO BE PM: Behind the scenes, jostling intensifies to replace Najib as the NEW PRIME MINISTER

RACE TO BE PM: Behind the scenes, jostling intensifies to replace Najib as the NEW PRIME MINISTER
When Mr. Lim Kit Siang proposed the idea of a new coalition government, he did not propose any name to be the new Prime Minister to replace Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
But Lim has since upped the stakes. He has named several Sabah and Sarawak Members of Parliament as possible candidates, leaving out Musa Aman and Adenan Satem as both only hold state seats. Even so, in the event that a Sabah or Sarawak MP takes the PM's seat from Najib, whoever that person - be it Anifah Aman or Nancy Shukri or any of the others named - he or she will surely be on the same wavelength as their respective party bosses Musa or Adenan.
Within the peninsula, presently it is quite difficult to determine who would be the best person to hold that esteemed post because there is no bright star from both sides of the political divide. All that we have now are either out of commissioned or simply lackluster in every aspect.
The one chosen must have the support from both BN and PR and must not have any extra baggage in any form. If none qualifies, then he or she should be the lesser evil. Besides, the rakyat must also be able to accept him or her.
We can choose their names by either considering the merits or demerits of each individual but it is much easier to cross their names and find their biggest faults to narrow the choice.
First of all, the old and veteran leaders from both parties must automatically be disqualified. After all those in government have done nothing much except disappointing the people on every occasion. The old and veteran in the opposition have practically reached their use-by dates. Now the choices have been narrowed down since the Malaysian youth prefer new blood in the government based on one survey recently.
Malay & Muslim
Azmin Ali, fading chances to make it to the top tier
Next, only those who are members of parliament among the younger leaders must be considered. This will remove the hassle of trying to conduct a by election like the ‘Kajang Move’.
The other obvious criterion of the selection is that the person must either be Malay or a Muslim. This is to appease the Malay majority so that they won’t run amok with PERKASA or other staunch Malay NGOs. This narrows down the list further.
The next criterion is that person must have the experience in governing either a huge and important ministry or state government. There is no point having someone who does not know what to do more so when the person has a very short learning curve.
Hisham in, KJ in, 'gambling kingpin' Zahid out
Based on the above considerations, the list of names from the BN party could consist of En. Khairy Jamaludin (or is he a Datuk now?), Dato’ Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh, Dato’ Seri Mustapha Mohamed, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah, Dato’Shaziman Abu Mansor, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussien and Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. The only person from the PR is Datuk Mohamed Azmin Ali. Ten names altogether.
In the above list, Hishamuddin is the most experience, followed by Zahid Hamidi, Mustapha Mohamed, Nazri Aziz, Ahmad Shabery, Idris Jusoh, Ahmad Husni, Shaziman and Khairy Jamaludin.
We all know that Zahid is associated with a gambling kingpin, Nazri Aziz too has tainted his reputation; just google his story. Ahmad Shabery and Idris Jusoh have not much to offer and the same with both Ahmad Husni and Shaziman.
KJ's chances may be enhanced if new coalition if formed - even if he has to make way for an East Malaysian before taking his place in the queue
That leaves Hishamuddin, Mustapha and Khairy. On the BN side, it is quite clear that Hishamuddin is still the best among the three of them because Mustapha is not really a politician and Khairy can wait.
Now the final list consists of just Hishamuddin and Azmin Ali.
Hishamuddin by Umno’s unwritten protocol is in fact the prime minister in the making if not in waiting. He could somehow give assurance to his cousin Najib not to worry because Najib will be left alone. The rakyat are also familiar with Hishamuddin and despite him apparently being incapable at times, the cabinet could guide him.
Hishammuddin Hussein - best prospects among possible candidates from peninsula
Azmin Ali on the other hand is needed in Selangor and unless PR could get someone capable to replace him as the Menteri Besar of Selangor, then Azmin Ali could be the alternative choice. After all it was Dr. Mahathir who brought him into politics and he was an ex-Umno member. Azmin could fit in both BN and PR quickly if not snugly.
Anyhow, the most important factor in forming the coalition government as envisaged by LKS is the composition of the cabinet posts. This is where the squabbling could happen; everyone wants to grab the opportunities! - MAILBAG

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