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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE OR SHIELDING NAJIB'S FRIEND? Did investigators in Altantuya murder really do their job?

NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE OR SHIELDING NAJIB'S FRIEND? Did investigators in Altantuya murder really do their job?
In the recent air disaster involving a Germanwings Airbus A320 airplane carrying 149 passengers and crew on-board, investigators say they have no reason to believe the incident was a terrorist act. But they are at a loss to explain why co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, 28, decided to take his own life and that of the rest on board crashing it into an Alpine ravine on Tuesday March 24.
However after a thorough investigation which is still ongoing the investigators managed to unfold the disaster and even detailed out the scene minutes before the plane crashed and found the real reason behind the disaster. That is what we call ‘thorough investigation’
Just compare with what had been done to investigate the murder of the Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu by the Malaysian authorities which concluded as follows;
"After looking into the case thoroughly, the Attorney-General's Chambers decided that there was not enough of a strong statement to prove Abdul Razak's involvement in Altantuya's murder," said de facto law minister Nancy Shukri in a written reply to Taiping MP, DAP's Taiping MP, Nga Kor Ming.
Investigators carry boxes from the apartment of Andreas Lubitz
This is not funny but really fishy because how could it be? After wasting time and money, the authorities found ‘no strong statement’? This is a whole load of bull and most probably there was no such effort to really look thoroughly into the murder case at all.
If there was really such effort then all the questions on the real motive, who ordered and who were involved would be known.
Now the real effort would most probably be done to protect those involved and therefore the case should be wrapped up a.s.a.p without looking into it.
Abdul Razak Baginda, centre, was cleared of involvement in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu
On the other hand, if there really had been a thorough investigation as claimed by Minister Nancy Shukri, then the Altantuya murder case is not a ‘straight forward’ murder after all. Abdul Razak Baginda was wrong when he said in the interview that it was a ‘straight forward’ murder case.
So could the authorities please tell us in plain words so that everybody can understand and close the case and do not waste our time and money anymore! Is it a straight forward murder case, or is it a complex murder case that needs thorough investigation?
If after the thorough investigation and the authorities found nothing, then the authorities could also settle the RM100 million civil suit against Abdul Razak Baginda, Azilah, Sirul and Putrajaya in June 2007.
If there is no case at all, then settle it quick, why wait for six years and still pending? - MAILBAG

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