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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Khairy, what price is Malay pride?

YOURSAY | ‘Despite his fine education he is forced to associate with the retards in Umno Youth.’
StrainingGnats, SwallowCamels: "Whatever happens in Malaysia, we will resolve the matter internally, he (Huang) has no right to take action and issue statements which can appear as interference into our affairs," said Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.
We will resolve the matter internally? How? Have you? Have we? Do you think that "resolving the matter" is weighing in in favour of the aggressor and adding insult to the injury of the victims?
Wasn't Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos allowed to continue with his ugly threats for days on end? Did you speak up to "resolve the matter internally"?
And what "action" has the China ambassador "taken"? Any statement can be taken to "appear as interference". Should we all be silent then? Has Malaysia not spoken up against Israel?
By the same general yardstick, have we not meddled in the affairs of another country?
Turvy: You stand by and watch a nation being forcibly divided, because it is not your business? Then whose business is it, Khairy - those who recklessly inseminate hatred or those who stand by and watch it being done?
You come alive to criticisms from third parties but have no solution of your own. Stand up and say that it is wrong to make racial insinuations. Silence those who are mostly in your party from this odious course that will lead to tragic ends. Do something.
Swipenter: Where were you and other ministers when your own citizens of Chinese origin were threatened openly with violence and rioting by the red shirts?
Was the pride and dignity of the red shirts and their sponsors more important than the lives of those threatened?
Was national peace less important too? It took Ambassador Huang of China to defuse the situation when you and your colleagues refused to step in and stop the rally which promised a possible riot.
Bolehland is your country too and you have no pride in it? So stop talking like an educated idiot.
Given the dire situation why should we be afraid to accept outside help to defuse the situation in order to protect our safety which you and others failed miserably.
Vent: I kind of feel sorry for Khairy. Despite his fine English education he is forced to associate with the rotund retards in Umno Youth and echo the same inane stuff his intellectually challenged boys spout on a regular basis.
How else can he say that we "need to send a signal to other countries that whatever happens in Malaysia is our business". Who really cares if it is?
But when your boys call other Malaysians who are also part of a large global diaspora “Chinese pigs” can you blame the Chinese ambassador for sitting up and taking notice?
What if the shoe was on the other foot? What if some aggrieved Chinese nationals had called Malays “dogs” in China? Would the Malaysian ambassador not have communicated his displeasure?
Umno would most probably pay its louts to go on a rampage outside the Chinese embassy in Kuala Lumpur or even to protest in Beijing. In contrast, the Chinese ambassador was all geniality and civility.
Just Your Normal Rakyat: What is the price of pride? Khairy, do you think it is right for Malays to dehumanise the Chinese by calling them an animal?
When the Malays call the Chinese “pigs”, they are not only referring to the Chinese in Malaysia but those outside of country as well. And do you expect the Chinese (especially from China) to accept this without any response?
The envoy is already diplomatic enough not to call Malays by any other animals. And be realistic - Khairy cannot just say, "We need not be afraid to express our feelings for fear of jeopardising economic relations and other interests that we cannot reprimand them when they go against diplomacy norms."
Khairy just does not realise the kind of repercussions is too big for us to bear. It would have been more diplomatic on our part to agree with the envoy that we also do not want extremists in our midst and that we will value our economic relation with China who respects the sovereignty of its trading partners.
Commentable: It is in fact China's business to make sure that Malaysia is safe and in order for the good of its people and its investments. Only a moron would deny that.
It has nothing to do with whose dignity or whose pride is involved. China is merely talking economic sense. If law and order breaks down in a host country, China can only anticipate losses, both in terms of property and perhaps lives.
Go check with Miti (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) just how much China has poured investments into Malaysia and how many Chinese expatriates are posted here so as to take care of those investments.
So instead of taking offence of something which any ambassador in his situation would be saying, it is more appropriate for you, as an Umno minister, to try to put a lid on this imaginary problem. The faster it is, the better for the country.
Iiiizzzziiii: This is just unbelievable. Why is the government and other Malay NGOs being so sensitive about a statement made by the Chinese ambassador to Malaysia?
If you can use the term "Cina babi" to refer to a certain race and said it is no big deal then why are they reacting now?
Perhaps this gives new meaning to the term "jaguh kampung". Malaysia may have developed to a certain extend but still retain a third world mentality.
Trueglitter: Tough cum threatening rhetoric by Khairy at Chinese envoy's walkabout with a message on goodwill in conjunction with mid-autumn celebrations at Petaling Street would unambiguously be perceived as inappropriate, intended to playing to the rural gallery to camouflage the abject absence of norm of diplomatic decorum.
Inevitably, it would serve its youth members well if the same intense and fiery energy expressed on social media could be meaningfully channeled into educating the uncontrollable and uneducated 'red shirts' mob which were clearly seen as uncouth perpetrators intended to harass especially the minority peace-loving Chinese Malaysians.
As Umno Youth chief, Khairy ought be ashamed and overwhelmed with guilt due to lack of leadership qualities as the unfolding cum menacing situation necessitates Chinese ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang's judicial and needful appearance to bring sanity and 'dignity' back to a dysfunctional Umno, controlled by a corrupt BN regime.
Negarawan: When the government of any country acts unjustly towards any ethnic group, and its leaders sponsor and encourage racist campaigns, the international community will not keep quiet.
We are all living in a connected world. It is only right to condemn any racist campaigns and provocations by any government. Apartheid in South Africa is a prime example where international pressure was needed to pressure a regime which was acting with total impunity.
It is no more an "internal affair" when the lives and the dignity of innocent people are at stake, and the government does not abide by the constitution of the country.
The honourable Chinese ambassador knew the risks, but he had the courage to do what is right. China has the higher moral ground than the Umno government.
It is a shame that a government that claims to be "Islamic" does not even respect basic moral values. Malaysia does not need more "Islamisation" but a return to basic moral values respected by all religions and Asian cultures.
Tan Kim Keong: Khairy should know what humanity and common good are about. So if one sees injustices due to discrimination, one should voice it out regardless. Likewise we can also do the same, and in this case for the Tibetans, Uighurs and Christians in China.
As Edmund Burke said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". Racism, racial discrimination, bigotry and supremacist behaviour are manifestations of evil. -Mkini

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