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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Red Shirt buat bodoh, menteri gaduh !! Ringgit jatuh 4.47 !!

  • Butt out of Wisma Putra’s affairs, Anifah tells meddlesome Cabinet
  • Tuesday September 29, 2015
  • Anifah chided colleagues for interfering with ministry’s duties 
  • Anifah saw red after Cabinet colleagues provided unsolicited aid 
  • dealing with China’s ambassador Dr Huang Huikang
  • "very disappointed ministers issued statements without referring to me"
  • matter could be resolved amicably without interference of ministers
  • their interference given negative perception..” he said, point blank
  • warned Cabinet dont repeat actions to usurp his ministerial duties in future

My comments :  I like this part "warned Cabinet dont repeat actions"

However I dont think they know the meaning of 'butt out'. Depa bukan boleh faham pun 'butt out'.  

Some of the morons may look up the dictionary and think it refers to 'buntot di luar'.  We live in tough times. 

The Ringgit keeps slithering down the slippery slope. It is now at RM4.47.

I dont think any of the morons understand the impact of this catastrophe.  This is more damaging to the survival of UMNO and ketuanan Melayu than mooncakes and comments handed out by the Chinese ambassador on Petaling Street.

Maybe kangkung and paku pakis are aplenty in Rembau. Perhaps the constituents  are quite self sufficient and inured from the complexities of foreign exchange rates and the economic stresses of a real world existence.

There was also a BR1M payment just before the Raya Haji. Just keep the simple minded folks simple and uncomplicated. Where is that bloody Chinese ambassador?

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