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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There's a formula to get answers in leadership change, it's like maths

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Where do we stand as a nation at international political arena of late? With all certainties many of us feel that we are not positioned like we used to be.  We used to be observed upon as the most progressing nation with fast and speedy development that was managed by astute leaders of yester years who did nothing more than just to see the nation keeping abreast with other developed or developing nations of the world. We were ahead of Korea and many other nations in the region as well as many others in the world but sadly in just over two decades we were far trailing behind Korea in all traits and facets of a truly well managed nation.

We are even trailing behind new emerging nations like Vietnam and to some hints that we were slowly overtaken by Myanmar and few other nations within the vicinity of the region. We were led by astute leaders with strong cabinet lineup who did not compromise their dignity with the love for money and wealth that were ill gotten. Leaders of those years were fully geared to see the nation was managed appropriately and they were all out sacrificing their souls for the nation right from the day we achieved our independence.

There was less rhetoric those days with highly charged slogans. As far as we can reminisce we only had a slogan, MUHIBBAH as national unity was the sole and ultimate eventual that were focused to arrive at. However since the eighties were impregnated endlessly with high sounded slogan which in the end did not materialize organic results for the nation and its people. We have been stuffed with unyielding slogans while the country was managed from already bad to an unacceptable level.

Corruptions become the culture and way of life of leaders with hefty slogans. Leaders with too much slogans are found out to be leaders with weak attributes just to cover-up their serious leadership deficiencies. While the clean and amazing slogans were heavily publicized through mainstream media, leaders were actively doing the opposite practices for their personal recompenses through huge ill-gotten money in unbelievable sum from tax payer’s money without qualms or guilt.

We know that leaders with the culture of corruption and abused of power will never make proper decisions and obviously we are deep in it currently. As I have said in my previous posting ousting Najib is one thing but to get proper replacement is another crucial issue that we are going to face. This blog have emphasized with strong assertions that changing leadership with the ones who was in the system and culture will never do any change but just prolonging the ungainly culture that has been ingrained in them. This is a natural consequence and if that happens we will be in perpetual problems with evil and harmful leaders for a long while that follow after that.

We can now smell that there are efforts by some parties to replace Najib with leaders that have been working hand-in-glove with the kinds with Najib for many years and still believe in changing leadership from within the UMNO highest body, the Supreme Council. They believe it is sufficient to change Najib with the ones who are within them and this will help us to have another unexceptional mediocre to lead us. That formula of leadership change has proven to be faulty and has never given us good answer. Problems persist through and true and we have to be drastic by having another formula of leadership exchange this time around.

This blog has said uninterruptedly that only a leader who is not within the current system and culture will give a good and correct answer to all the glitches that the nation has faced for past decades.

Like mathematics correct answers to the leadership problems can only be found with correct formula…and it’s nothing less.  

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