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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'Perkasa, don't tell us that we are lucky'

YOURSAY | ‘I'm not a Chinese but I feel this country is lucky to have them.’
Telestai!: Whether Chinese Malaysians are "lucky" or not depends on one's definition of lucky.
Chinese Malaysians are "lucky" because they were not subjected to ethnic cleansing like what we see in Bosnia. They were allowed to do business and make money.
But are they subjected to racial discrimination? Yes. The sheer number of Chinese Malaysians having migrated overseas is a testament to this fact.
My father-in-law and I are examples of racial discrimination. Both of us were holding number 2 posts in government-controlled organisations and never got to make it to the number 1 post. We were by-passed by lesser qualified/capable bumiputera individuals.
We are not bitter about it because it is a fact of life that one suffers some form of prejudice, but don't tell us that we are lucky. With each of our family lineages having more than 150 years history of settlement in Malaysia, we are still regarded as pendatangs.
In fact, our families have been here longer than those who habitually hurl "pendatang" insults at us.
Hplooi: The concept of citizenship is a civilisational norm in the 21st century. It is therefore unreasonable and a total disregard of the rights of any citizen to argue (just because he is of a different racial, or religious, descent) that his citizenship is at the sufferance of any (so-called) 'dominant majority'.
Despite more than 50 years of independence, many Malaysians who became citizen by principle of jus-sanguinis have since passed on and most are now citizens by jus-soli and (I daresay) at least for two generations.
Unfortunately Umno keeps on repeating this outrage that certain segments of the citizens are not equal and their citizenship are at 'sufferance' for which said citizens should be grateful.
Citizen No.26: I know of a poor Chinese boy with excellent results who was not given scholarship by the BN government whilst his Malay friends with mediocre results were given scholarships to study overseas. He was totally devastated.
In the end, he was given a scholarship by the Singapore government to study engineering in United States and our country had certainly lost an excellent brain. There are many similar stories of such "lucky" Chinese Malaysians.
Chee Hoe Siew: Being classified as second-class citizen in our own country, getting insulted and called pigs, constantly the target of abused and deemed as ungrateful, being a minority race helping to support the livelihood of majority race and yet unappreciated, deprived of recognition and equal opportunity in education and employment.
The count of ill-treatment is never ending. Yes, the Chinese in Malaysia are damn lucky.
Spinnot: "He said it is better for the envoy to look into the presence of Chinese nationals in the sex industry and gambling dens in Malaysia, rather than ‘poke his nose’ in the Petaling Street issue."
Perkasa information chief Hassan Basri Muhammad, on the one hand you are telling the Chinese envoy not to "poke his nose" in the Petaling Street issue, but on the other hand you are asking him to "poke his nose" in Malaysia's sex industry and gambling dens which are under the purview of Malaysia’s Home Ministry.
The prostitutes in Malaysia come from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other neighbouring countries, not to mention the locals. You want to place your sex industry under the purview of China's Public Security Department?
Meow: I'm not a Chinese but I feel this country is lucky to have them. They are the country's economic engine. Without the Chinese, Malaysia would be a mini-Indonesia and will be exporting maids to Arab countries.
Without the petroleum and tax money from the Chinese minority, this country's GDP would have been less than half and there will nothing to boast about.
During my business travel from Penang to Johor Bahru, I have come across thousands of moderate Malays who agree with my opinion.
Clever Voter: Everyone agrees that there is no short cut to success. Years of human capital investment have succeeded in creating a respectable middle-class Malay community that are well-represented in the management of many corporations, especially that of GLCs (government-linked companies).
The same can be said of thousands of graduates, especially from public sectors. Almost all government scholarships are given to those with bumiputera status, and not forgetting the 7% discount to house buyers.
Today a high percentage of wealth ownership for bumiputeras are kept in sovereign funds owned and managed through PNB (Permodalan Nasional Berhad), Khazanah, etc.
No one is disputing these achievements as taxpayers Malaysians of all races demand to have in place a clean, trusting and fair government. These are rights and not privileges.
Anonymous_1386743292: Since China is such a great country and willing to protect the Chinese Malaysians, isn’t it much better for all Chinese Malaysians to immediately apply to migrate to China where they will be most welcome and nobody will discriminate them and they can get all the discounts like everybody else?
Why waste time fighting in the blogs when you know in your heart you belong to China and China belong to you.
You can even organise a million people rally for more democracy since in elections only the Communist Party leaders are the sole candidates.
Inohu: Anonymous_1386743292, why be so emotional? Come, let us give you a hug.
But we will not migrate to China. We will stay and fight until the corrupt and racist government in our country is replaced with a better one. We will continue to be a thorn to people like you. -Mkini

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