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Monday, February 27, 2017

Maybe Malaysian Maids Will Go To Indonesia

Malaysia losing to Indonesia, says Bloomberg
February 21, 201728837

Talking about politics of ethnicity and religion

Bloomberg said M'sia is losing to Indonesia 
reversal of fortunes of the neighbouring states.

two nations wrestling with politics of ethnicity and religion 

at odds with market competition 
corruption is setting M'sia and Indon apart

Jakarta gaining favours of investors 
while Malaysia is shunned on many fronts


article lists down changes in M'sia, Indon which indicate reverse of fortunes
only thing that puts both countries on same path is rise of Islamism 

In Indon, Basuki Purnama, Chinese Christian governor of Jakarta

defending himself against charges of blasphemy
10,000 Muslims thronged streets of Jakarta to protest 

 In M'sia Islamists joined Umno 
organised rally to press for Islamic law or Hudud

stark differences

Malaysia losing out to Indonesia 

barrage of corruption allegations challenging Najib
Najib : hundreds of millions "gift" from "unidentified Saudi donor"

U.S. DOJ complaint filed last July
accusation that Najib "stole" from 1MDB
money “just a portion of US$3b stolen from 1MDB, laundered through US"
corrupt officials treated this public trust as personal bank account,” Lynch said 

civil action, asset seizures “largest ever” by Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative
US Justice Dept says US$681m transferred to Najib in 2013 

originally came from US$3b 1MDB bonds by Goldman Sachs
Najib chairman of 1MDB advisory board 


for global investors Indon is favored economy at M'sia’s expense
crony capitalism dubious distinction for Malaysia said Bloomberg
ringgit worst performer in region 
Indon rupiah strengthened 26% against ringgit since June 2014
(rupiah's) biggest rally so far in 21st century according to Bloomberg.

past three years, Indon economy growing at faster rate

2014 Indon GDP expanded 1.56% less than M'sia. 
Today Indon GDP advancing 0.71% faster than M'sia

M'sia creditworthiness worsened, deficit exploding to 4% of GDP
business and investment "conflicts of interest" don’t pay

My comments : Will the kabilah DNA bahalol understand any of this? I am afraid not.

So lets keep it simple for them. 

Ini adalah satu perubahan yang walaupun baru, tetapi sudah mula menjadi kenyataan. Kalau perkara ini berpanjangan, maksudnya pada satu hari yang tak jauh nanti anak-anak kita akan berhijrah ke Indonesia untuk menjadi house maid atau pembantu rumah atau amah.

Sekarang sudah ada pun anak-anak kita berhijrah ke Singapura untuk menjadi buruh dan pekerja restoran (yang tidak ada sticker halal).   

Tapi Singapura adalah First World nation, sudah menjadi negara maju. Jadi kalau kerja di Singapura pun kira OK lah, sebab negara maju, gaji dia lagi tinggi dari Malaysia.

Indonesia pula bukan negara maju, masih menjadi Third World nation.  Sedih lah kalau pekerja Malaysia terpaksa berhijrah mencari hidup di Third World nation macam Indonesia. 

Kalaulah kabilah DNA bahalol di negara kita masih kekal bahalol, mungkin satu masa nanti rakyat negara kita akan terpaksa mencari kerja di Myanmar, Vietnam dan Thailand.  Just wait and see.

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