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Monday, February 27, 2017


1.  The first video here is the real Islam. Or what Islam teaches us to do. But this type of Islam is found only inside the Quran. You cannot find this type of Islam outside the Quran. This is about a committed man and a new type of education system he has invented in the Indian Himalayan state of Ladakh. Quite mind blowing.

2.  The following video shows how the Malays have been trivialised and demeaned into becoming nothing more than beggars.  This is today's UMNO.   They mention 'Allah'.  Listen carefully.

3. In the following video it shows beggars misbehaving in other peoples' countries. These people messed up their own countries. They had to swim and wade through the sea to reach kafir countries to get a second chance at life.  But after they settle down they behave like this instead :

4.  Here are some other pictures.

i.  Someone sent me this.  Thats a lion in the picture. Maybe they do not have Nat Geo channel in their town.

ii.  I am meeting my good friend Dr Yunus for makan today. I suggested 'ayam ustaz'. He has not replied yet.

 'Burung' ustaz ada tak?

iii.  Can you spot the cleverest girl in this class?

iv.   Milo itu dibuat oleh syarikat Nestle. Nestle itu bukan kristian buat ke?  Camno?

v.   Nestle  juga buat sos tomato,  Sos Tomato Maggie.  Rupanya tomato pun kristian ! ! Fulamak.  Kalau hari-hari ibu masak tomato, ibu akan masuk golongan risiko tinggi !! High risk of christian tomato 'radiation'.


vi.  Oops too late. Class is over.  Panah lawan rifle, siapa akan menang? Tapi rifle ada pahala tak? Setakat bertanya saja.

From that first video (about Ladakh) until the last picture at the bottom, this is all happening in the 21st century.   But only that video about that school in Ladakh is real 21st century.
The rest are not 21st century.  
The one is going forward. The rest are going backward. 

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