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Monday, February 27, 2017

MCA ticks off DAP for 'U-turn' over China

MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong has criticised DAP for cosying up to China despite having previously made anti-China comments.
This was after a DAP delegation, led by party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, visited China ambassador Huang Huikang last Wednesday.
"This huge U-turn is akin to a powerful slap on DAP's own face apart from once again magnifying its typical double-standard approach," said Wee in a statement today.
Wee said DAP was also previous critical of MCA's efforts to push for the "One Belt, One Road" (Obor) initiative, a policy by China to promote regional economic and infrastructural integration.
"DAP's volte-face clearly shows that it is actually a hypocritical and opportunistic party which will not hesitate to change its colours to suit the environment it is in.
"When the party is trying to please the Malay populists, it echoes the anti-China statements by the Parti Bersatu Bumiputera Malaysia (Bersatu).
"But when it wants to capitalise on the cordial Malaysia-China relations, its top leaders... even released statements as if it appreciates the relationship between the two countries and welcomes investment from China, just to please the Chinese community here," said Wee.
He said DAP has made no efforts to counter allegations by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad that 700,000 Chinese citizens would be given Malaysian citizenship.
"Some of its leaders even attempted to ride on the issue and provoke the negative sentiment especially among certain Malay populist groups," he said.

Wee said DAP political education bureau chief Liew Chin Tong had also labelled MCA as China's agent for pushing the Obor initiative.
"But the party made a big about-turn after DAP visited the Chinese ambassador.
"Does DAP in general, and Liew in particular, now agree with MCA's efforts in promoting Obor and admit their criticisms on MCA previously were baseless?" he said.
Wee said MCA is duty bound to help more local Chinese entrepreneurs, guilds and associations to capitalise on the business opportunities arising from the Obor initiative.- Mkini

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