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Monday, February 27, 2017

PM Najib claims residents 'incited' by Nurul Izzah now regret decision

A group of residents in Kampung Kerinchi who were incited by their MP Nurul Izzah Anwar to protest against the redevelopment of their flats, are now regretting their decision, said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
He said Nurul Izzah had claimed the project was politically motivated, but its success proved the government's sincerity in looking after the people.
"The Lembah Pantai MP tried to derail this project, and brought it to court... But this project succeeded.
"Those who became victims were the 34 people incited by her, and they regret it," Najib added when officially opening the new residential flats, dubbed 'Residensi Kerinchi'.
Residensi Kerinchi was built over what used to be the Kampung Kerinchi flats.
In 2012, Nurul Izzah joined the 34 families who were against the redevelopment of the flats, and took the matter to court.
They were evicted by developers and the Land Office in accordance with the Land Acquisition Act 1960.
However, another group claiming to represent families who had already moved out accused the 34 of stalling the development.
A total of 408 of those who moved out when asked to by the government, are now owners of three-bedroom 900sq-feet apartments, which is an upgrade from their old 410sq-feet two-bedroom units.
Each unit in the 18-storey apartment block is now valued at an estimated RM500,000, compared with RM50,000 per unit at the old four-storey flats.

The old residents, who had previously received temporary housing at the PPR Kerinchi, also received a RM8,000 allowance to facilitate the move to their new homes.
Najib in his speech, said the people must evaluate good and bad, and not be easily incited.
"This is about the people's welfare. We should not be incited," the prime minister said.- Mkini

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