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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Unlike others, Dr M has guts to show up in lion’s den

YOURSAY | ‘Dr M said if we want reformasi, we must win the election first. That’s a very pragmatic approach.’
6th Generation Immigrant: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad appears to be the only one in the opposition who is fully focused on the job at hand.
Mahathir has conviction in his action. Sorry may be the hardest word from him, but every action of late proves that this man now knows he had done great harm to multiracial, cultural and religious Malaysia.
He has regrets despite a love for his legacy. His own supremacist views are haunting him daily.
Let us sort the country out together by first disposing of BN. All truths will surely be revealed after that, including Mahathir’s wrongs or whether jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is innocent or not. We must all look at the bigger picture.
Anonymous 539281478077880: It was good on the part of Mahathir to come uninvited and requested to speak. It was indeed good of him to ask all to stand united and overthrow the present Najib regime.
Please ponder a few minutes as to why he must "stoop so low" to ask the rakyat to get rid of Najib. Anyone at this juncture would not like to see the country go to the dogs. It took many years to build our country.
But today we had reached the 'lowest level' in administration, governance and race relations. There is also claims that we are among the most corrupt countries in the world. Enough is enough.
This old man couldn't stand idle as the country is being destroyed. The reformasi people should carry the winds of change so our future generations can walk tall.
Versey: Supporting Mahathir to help win the next general election doesn't mean betraying his nemesis-turned-ally Anwar and his family.
Without winning the next GE (general election), it would be even more difficult, if not impossible, to vindicate Anwar and fulfil his reformasi wish.
Anonymous_1419577444: Those reformasi activists should come down from their high horses. That old man has already said that they could go seek their pound of flesh later. For now, it is best to set aside the baggage of history.
After the thieves are apprehended and these reformasi activists still want that pound of flesh, it is there for them to take. My respect for the old man.
Rupert16: Those of us wanting to kick out PM Najib Razak should be less emotional and think smart.
If we don't kick out Najib, we will be in no position to go after anybody other than barking at the trees, so to speak.
Anonyxyz: I am among many who hate Dr M for the political damage he had done, but imagine him on MO1’s side and siphoning the rakyat money together and propelling his son to the top, which is an easy option. Which Dr M will you choose?
This dangerous and risky path he takes now is worth considering and it looks like a better choice for those who still have hope for our country
The Analyser: When Mahathir commits in writing to annul all draconian and repressive and divisive legislations, and not replace them; when Mahathir commits in writing to cease all funding for religion; when Mahathir commits in writing to cancel all ethnic privileges and replace them with Malaysian privileges - only then will I consider that he has turned over a new leaf.
In short, he is trying to fool you using your hatred towards Najib to mask your hatred of Mahathir.
Spirit of Malaya: Appearing at the reformasi meeting is not enough! Go up the stage and declare that Anwar's arrest was indeed politically motivated and ask for forgiveness for being part of it.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: He might have made many mistakes in the past, but despite the hostile crowd, he dared to address them.
Dr M is unlike his opponent, who is only daring in front of selected audiences but runs away like a coward. Give Dr M a chance to get rid of Najib.
Apa Ini?: The man has had to eat humble pie just by appearing at the reformasi meeting. I give him that.
Can you imagine Najib doing anything even half as bold? So, no question but that - at 91, Mahathir is twice the man than MO1 (Malaysian Official 1).
Versey: Dr M said that if we really want reformasi, we must win the election first. That is a very pragmatic and down-to-earth approach.
Concern Ctzen: I think Dr M has already sincerely sacrificed himself and his family at an age when he should be resting. But he is still doing these things and gets himself criticised just because he wants to see change in Malaysia.
I hope people can put up with him and fight for GE14 so we can build a better Malaysia together.
Anonymous_3e86: This is why Dr M has a brilliant mind. Even at his age now he still has focus, which is lacking in the opposition camp. He has determination. He has leadership.
Yes, he was part of the problem. But now we need to focus on the present problem, which is the present leadership. We need to be objective not emotional to achieve our goal of changing government.
Voice: Is condemning and punishing Mahathir more important than everything else? More important than the corrupt and oppressive Umno continue ruling and ruining the country?
Can we be rewarded for continue harping on the past?
Send In The Clowns: Let us not forget Mahathir's wife, Dr Siti Hasmah Ali - she have shown equal amount of courage and stood by her man, rain or shine.

Did she not hold Anwar’s wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's hand and showed solidarity? Apa lagi reformasi mau?- Mkini

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