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Friday, March 31, 2017

Act II: Expect House speaker to delay syariah amendments

YOURSAY | ‘Never underestimate Najib. As a seasoned and shrewd politician, he hasn't lost his instincts.’
Proarte: I think this (government’s decision not to table Act 355 amendment) is the best outcome we could have hoped for.
Now, BN parliamentarians have a reason not to vote for PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s private member’s bill if it is tabled by the House speaker.
Pakatan Harapan should not fall into the trap of questioning BN on why they did not table the bill.
They could present it as a 'victory' for Pakatan, that is, BN succumbed to pressure from the opposition who pointed out the flaws, divisiveness and insincerity of the proposed bill.
Clever Voter: The battle is not over. PM Najib Razak is known to change his mind very often. Although PAS wish-list is not entirely met, their long-term ambition is to govern at least beyond Kelantan.
This episode reinforced the image of MCA as a spineless and useless political party. It has also ruffled the feathers of PKR, which needs to come to terms that their romance with PAS is over.
Never underestimate Najib. As a seasoned and shrewd politician, he hasn't lost his instincts.
Hcleong: Najib's move to entertain Hadi's proposal to amend the syariah law is a brilliant idea to split Pakatan. But if he allows it to be tabled and passed in Parliament, he would lose his BN partners.
PAS bites the bait, mainly because their supreme leader is short-sighted, overzealous, and a man of no principle.
Hardboiled: I knew BN wouldn’t dare table it. It was all a show from the beginning.
It’s for Umno to show that it is "fighting" for Islam, and for the component parties, that they are fighting for their respective communities.
Now they dumped it for the general elections, but they say it is up to the House speaker so that Umno would still look good.
My next prediction is that the speaker will delay it. Then Umno can enter the coming elections as a hero for the Malay Muslims.
Once they win the elections and form the next government, this ‘hudud’ bill will never see the light of day, that is, until GE15.
Aries46: Our constitution and the BN hangers-on have saved the day for all Malaysians. Congratulations to Sarawak CM Abang Johari and his colleagues.
As I predicted then, Act 355 was merely a bogey for Najib to face the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar by-elections.
The 1MDB and other Najib fiascos were at its height then and Act 355 was a joint Umno-PAS strategy to save the day for Najib.
It appears PAS was made to play the spoiler in return for the now infamous alleged '99 Malaysian pies'.
PAS is not expected to sulk or go overboard with Umno's U-turn as Act 355 had served its purpose. Hadi knows there are no free lunches, especially where Umno is concerned.
Hornbill: This must be a big let-down for Hadi. But why, before this, did the BN government (through the DPM) give the impression that the BN government was taking over the bill from PAS?
Now Najib talks about "consensus" in BN, expecting a big applause from the people, especially from non-Umno parties that make up BN.
Najib says it is up to the House speaker. Who appointed the speaker? Who can be sure that Najib has not instructed the speaker to decide in a certain way when Hadi’s bill comes up for debate?
What an interesting 'sandiwara' for the rakyat.
Telestai!: Indeed, this is a ‘sandiwara’. With the erosion of Malay support due to the 1MDB scandal, Umno has sought to use religion to regain lost ground.
Nobody with a sound mind will agree that Umno is serious about Act 355. It is the sort of the ‘wayang kulit’ that Najib is famous for - what you see is not what you get.
Anonymous 2460391489930458: Chances are MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) has already directed the House speaker (who recently was rewarded with a special alternative road leading to his exclusive private residence) to allow the bill to be tabled as private member's bill.
He doesn't want blood in his hands but he will happily allow the shedding of blood for his political survival.
6th Generation Immigrant: This is a welcome decision but the damage that has already been done and now probably irreparable.
The rakyat had been given the run around just because Najib, Hadi and DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi wanted to boost their egos.
What had been said and done can never be undone. This once beautiful country now carries a scar, inflicted by this RUU355 episode.
Speaking Sense: Everything about this government is opportunistic, short-term and self-serving. The interests of the people and the nation as a whole are never their concern.
When, o when will we be rid of this scourge of incompetence, corruption, racism, religious extremism and greed?
The only solution - no Umno, no BN, no PAS. Everything else can only be better.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Yes, this is a face-saving act. The House speaker will not allow the bill to be tabled and hereby save Najib and all his spineless supporters from casting the votes.
Now, what has Hadi got to say? When DAP does not support the bill, they are accused of being anti-Islam. Now Najib is withdrawing from taking over the bill, what say you, Hadi?
Anonymous #40538199: Going against the advice of the late party spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Aziz, the party led by Hadi went back to the same hole, only to be bitten by the same snake.- Mkini

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