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Friday, March 31, 2017

Ex Chairman Board of Governors Penang Free School Arrested For Graft, Cheating Toll Collectors And Other Malaysian Stories

First here is the news about the arrest of the Datuk in Penang:
  • (MACC) detained 'Datuk', trustee of bumi foundation for graft
  • 70-year-old detained in George Town, Penang
  • millions of ringgit (losses) to subsidiary of foundation 
  • sold land belonging to subsidiary without processes, procedures 
  • made decisions to sell land without knowledge of subsidiary 
  • sold land to company in which he had interest
  • land sold much lower than market  without knowledge of board
  • suspect received bribes from companies that bought land
  • would receive at least 1% of value of land sold
  • MACC Azam Baki contacted by Bernama confirmed arrest 
  • - Bernama

Ok I found out that the Datuk is Syed A_did, who is an ex-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Penang Free School.   (not to be confused with a former judge with almost the same name - but not quite).  There is a picture of him under custody.

They used the 1MDB model. The guy was influential with that Yayasan bumiputra and its subsidiary which owned land around Penang. He also sat on the board of the subsidiary. He got the subsidiary to sell land very cheap (RM2 psf ??) to another company where again he had an interest (Hun_a).  Then Hun_a sold the land at market price (RM50 psf??) to another company (Berch_m). Thats how they made a killing. Just like 1MDB buying land for RM60 psf and selling it for RM2000 psf or something.
But strangely his cut was about 1% of the proceeds. So little? Alamak bodohnya !  You went through all that trouble for 1% ! ! 
Even the standard commission for property agents is 2% - 3%.  What he could have done is get a property agent involved (properly and legally) and insist that the property agent split the 2% or 3% comission with him.  Still illegal but almost no document trail. 
This is like Al Maunah stealing all those weapons from the military camp, then driving back to their kampong and hiding on a hilltop behind their house. The Police found them within half an hour.  (I say what about that Pastor Koh, Hilmy and Che Mat abduction? Still no leads Tan Sri IGP? The silence is deafening.) 

Here is case No. 2. My school friends say that some of the Toll Booth workers (who top up your Touch and Go) are cheating.

So the Toll Booth fellow took RM50 but only topped up RM40. My school mate says this happened at the Gombak Toll.  Here is a picture of two toll receipts. When my friend challenged the receipt, the Toll Booth guy gave him another receipt - this time with the missing RM10 added back.

Imagine during jams and rush hours,  how many people are being fleeced of their money?  And the Toll Booth guys are stealing from the public.

What is becoming of this country? From the Prime Minister,  to the ex Chairman of the Board of  Governors of Penang Free School right down to Toll Booth Operators are all stealing.  

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