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Thursday, March 30, 2017


REPRINT Najib Razak has committted Malaysia to become part of the Saudi-led 34-nation Islamic Military Alliance  against Iranian interference in the domestic affairs of Syria.
Q: As we mentioned earlier, you are part of the Islamic Military Alliance created by Saudi Arabia with the participation of 34 countries. What is the message that you are sending by being part of this alliance?
Najib: Well, we are taking part in the military exercise, called North Thunder, so that we will have the capability to operate as part of a coalition. We are not involved in any actual military action in the region. With our participation in North Thunder, we want to send a strong signal that the security of Saudi Arabia is very important to us. We have a token force at the North Thunder, but we feel it is a very auspicious beginning. We have started small, and perhaps later on we will increase our level of participation (in the alliance).
Q: Do you think this alliance has come at the right time? Or it should have taken place much earlier?
Najib : It has come at the right time because the unity of the Muslim nation cannot be mere rhetoric. It has to be expressed by action. Saudi Arabia is under threat. Therefore, countries that are supportive of the Kingdom must be ready to stand by Saudi Arabia. Our actions must indicate our solidarity with Saudi Arabia. Being members of the Islamic Military Alliance sends a very strong signal that Saudi Arabia is not alone in facing the threat that may endanger it.
steadyaku47 comment : 
Tabek Tuan.
The Generals, Admirals and Chiefs of the Air Force may all stand to attention in the presence of the prime minister but are they all tweets like the IGP? I think not!
We hope no Navy Personnel life will be endangered because of the manner the purchase of those Scorpene Submarines were done. Throughout Najib’s tenure as Minister of Defense there have been billions spent on the questionable purchase of defense equipment and services which might, or might not, put the lives of our defense personnel in harms way.
It is one thing to send our soldiers to Congo, Iran/Iraq Border, Namibia, Western Sahara, Angola, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liberia, Somalia and Mozambique because these are all legitimate peace keeping efforts sanctioned by the United Nations and government of the day in these places….but Saudi Arabia?
To send our defense personnel into harms way because someone from that nation has “donated” RM2.6 billion deposited intothe personal account of Najib Razak is a new low even for Najib because that donation benefited only Najib and those few who also fed from the same trough of cash – NOT the nation, NOT the rakyat of Malaysia and certainly is no reasons to send our soldiers into harms way!
Saudi Arabia have bought our soverignity for RM2.6billion…and on top of that, has had (so they say) a large portion of that returned to them.
Now tell me …what do you think the Saudi’s are doing now?
Laughing at Najib?
 Or laughing with Najib?
You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work that out!
Aiyah got discount some more!
I hope the Chief of the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia will see this latest action of committing Malaysia to the 34 Nation Islamic Military Alliance for what it is : trading the lives of our defense personnel for personal gain…not even for political gain…just for the personal gain of Najib, his family and cronies. So that they will have money to buy Hermes bags, so that they can spend millions  on flowers for weddings, RM$1500 for hairdos, millions spent on credit cards purchases overseas, penthouses in New York and God knows where else…..and it is for all this that Najib is prepared to send our defense personnel into harms way! 
Angkatan Tentera Malaysia have been held in high regard by Malaysians because what they do is to literally put their life in danger to protect the sovereignty of our people and our nation. 
It is not their duty to to protect the financial fortunes of Rosmah and Najib. 
Najib may well send our defense personnel’s into harms way but I believe that these soldiers, in the final analysis will only hear the command of their Generals. Let us pray that these Generals, Admirals and the Chiefs in the Air Force will think long and hard about  doing what Najib wants them to do – go to Saudi. I am sure that putting their own men into harms way is not something they take lightly unless it is to uphold the sovereignity of our Nation.
Tabek Tuan!
– http://steadyaku-steadyaku-husseinhamid.blogspot.my

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