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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mother And Daughter Arrested For Stealing 2 Packets Of Rice

  • [KL] M'sia's CPI in Feb rose to an 8-yr high at 4.5% from year earlier
  • inflation rate highest since Nov 2008 when it hit 5.7%.
  • Feb inflation driven by highest costs of transport and food
  • inflation above 4.1% GDP growth forecast in Reuters poll
  • exceeds Mysia's average inflation target for the year. 
  • Annual inflation rose 3.2 per cent in Jan.

My comments :  Ikan kembong is now close to RM20 per kilo. 

  • But I think its ok.  Just let them eat cake. Apa susah sangat? 
  • The people (who are most badly affected) can eat nasi kicap.  
  • Those who can afford it can also eat Maggie Mee.  

Here is more news.  In this news, this mother and daughter's car has run out of fuel. They were driving to the supermarket to buy food and groceries.They got down from their empty-fuel-tank-car and stood there in the middle of the road. Not knowing what to do. They had no money to buy fuel. 

Then they decided to go to the supermarket anyway and take what they wanted - without having to pay any money.

  • JB : mother, daughter stealing essentials RM1,300 at supermart
  • aged 58 and 30, arrested 1pm Sat by security guard  
  • 2 packets rice, 2 bottles oil, detergent, toys, clothing, soap
  • 30-yr woman has 3 children,  9 mths old baby - Bernama.

This mother and daughter did not know how to steal.  They should have followed the example of some of these people here :

My comments : JoLo and family have stolen RM2.9 Billion.  

Najib has stolen RM 2.9 Billion.  They have included another RM5 Billion for Najib (under unaccounted).  I dont think that extra RM5 Billion went to Najib. I think JoLo has sapu that amount as well.

There is another RM2.9 Billion worth of Bombardier jet, artworks, properties and what not. I think JoLo has got that as well.

My bet is JoLo and family have sapu 2.9 + 5.0 + 2.9 = RM10.8 Billion.

I dont think Najib and gang are clever enough to outsmart JoLo and family.

Here is the other thing you must bear in mind. This stealing happened from 2009 until 2012.  That is 5 - 8 years ago.

Assuming JoLo and family have been earning a return of say 5% on these stolen billions for all these years, their interest, dividend, other income alone is about RM540 million a year ! !

So over 5-8 years they have already earned an extra RM2.7 billion to RM4.32 billion in interest, dividends and other incomes. 

That is more than RM1,300 worth of cooking oil, soap and rice that was stolen by that mother and daughter in that supermarket in Johor Baru, capital city of the Bangsa Johor.

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