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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Najib Makes A Total Fool Of Hadi Again, And Zahid

Here is a reader's comment. Thank you : 

Bro Syed,  "Wasn't it  just a few days ago that the DPM Zahid committed to ensure that the Govt introduce the bill in Parliament? Didnt he just get stabbed in the back ? Or he was betrayed by the you-know-who parties to fall on his face? Things are getting very bad for him."

Najib says BN won’t push Shariah Bill

March 29, 2017
  • BN will not table Shariah being sought by PAS said Najib — Bernama
  • decided by BN supreme council meeting this evening
will remain a Private Member’s Bill 
will depend on Speakers instructions

Tonight's announcement will remove the obligation that would have existed for BN federal lawmakers to support the amendments were these tabled by the government.
Hadi’s Bill may now fail to even surface in Parliament
only able to table Bill last year after Umno elevated it 

Bill has been opposed by BN components

Umno used RUU355 to court PAS 

Najib's announcement could also prompt changes to the political landscape in which PAS had been drifting away from other opposition parties and aligning itself with Umno, the only party to openly support the former's ambitions on Islamic laws.

My comments :  If you want to do a deal with Najib first you have to read "Mentally Retarded 101", a book which JoLo and family have fully memorised by now.  

It is getting closer to the elections. All the political parties have to tidy up their positions and their candidates lists.

Talk is that MIC is going to be sacrificed. Bro Kamalanathan, UMNO wants back Hulu Selangor. That is what I hear. Kamal may be sent off to Segamat or somewhere. Even the MIC seat in Cameron Highlands will be taken away. Talk is there is an Indian guy who works for Najib ("professor?") who wants to be president of the MIC. So there may be another Hadi Awang - RUU 355 situation in MIC soon. Semua akan kena liwat.

PAS itself just tergelincir and fell into the monsoon drain.  Hadi Awang and Nik Abduh have joined the 'Tuanku Abdul Rahman Club'.  They dont seem to care what happens to PAS.
There is also a revolt from Sarawak. The late Adenan Satem broke all the imaginary barriers when he practically said UMNO was 'stupid'.  The entire Sarawak started saying that UMNO was stupid - and nothing happened to Sarawak. Abang Johari is turning out to be Adenan Satem kali dua. 

And now the Sarawakians and the Sabahans are learning to talk to each other and work together.

So Najib has to be more careful about being indiscrete. The emperor has to put on some clothes. 

So the net result is Hadi has been made a fool.  I received this Malay Mail report from more than one person, including ex ABIM braders who said,  "Aiya kena tipu lagi! Tu la chakap sombongg sangat mu puak Pah"

In other words, Hadi kena liwat lagi.  

Anyway Hadi called Najib over this latest round of liwatting and suggested that Pas and UMNO kiss and make up. Here is their short conversation:

Hadi : Shall we have a third honeymoon? Shall we try Greece?

Najib : Whats wrong with the Vaseline ? 

Have a nice day folks.

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