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Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Someone who signs off as Voltaire sent me this.  Thank you.

The country'a leadership is on a hari kiri seppuku suicide mission; they are acting like GE 14 is in the bag. Fuel prices are up and a friend who drives Uber went ballistic. 

The bewildering blank, crass and crude statements or actions of intent displays:

The abandonment of common sense, rationale and compassion,  informs us that care or concern are by products or accessories of necessity that come alive when it is either election time or when unfortunate tragedies strike overseas; nationals who have invested heavily in our country. 

A family man can throw himself off the Penang Bridge and die all due to being charged incorrectly for an offence that can be compounded. Yet there is no sign of remorse, restitution or atonement for the travesty of a life lost on such perversion. 

A person stealing food to feed hungry mouths and being convicted for two years and the elite of the leadership stealing billions is the dissonance of an ant and the dinosaur. 

The professional mechanical efficiency of the judicial, prosecutorial and policing are second to none,  in selecting the ant that is stealing from the rotten woodwork of society's pillars, it is an example of laws written just to nab the ants foraging for food. 

Yet some stupid Ignoramus of a leader is hooting, howling,  leaping and screaming Hudud  when equality of decency is that  the Wolf of Wall Street is fighting to keep the ill gotten wealth and a pack of stray hounds fighting over the scraps of the bone of positions. 

With arrogance the one feels invincible, an impenetrable iron clad deposit of a one hundred percent security in receiving a mandate for another five years. 

The luxury to defy logic and indulge with dismissive, nonchalant, impunity in swatting our concerns as if we are no more than flies buzzing around the opulent radioactive excrement of their politics is the frightening reality. 

They are immolating themselves and the nation in the raging fire of corruption, imploding themselves and the fabric of society on the shame of racial inequality and impaling them and ourselves on the toxic piety of a punitive unforgiving "god". 

We are surrounded and besieged by the smallest invisibles of chaos, anarchy and mayhem which from the isolation and insulation of our homes seems like a drop in the ocean. Yet the small storms of madness in the young are the prognosis the affliction has reached the root. 

It is manifesting itself in the public domains where faith, race and differences are seen as a violation against decency to be drowned in the spittle of venomous comments and poisoned graphics. 

The unborn are painfully discarded. No female is safe, from the innocent child, young, old, beautiful, ordinary, covered and uncovered all are united in equality as victims of the plague. They are told how, when and where to protect their modesty in attire. 

The heartless predator of females is not from the streets but those elite of politics. A friend of mine dissuaded and disallowed his daughter from standing in line and receiving a VVIP. My friend asked me to watch TV news of VVIP's and see the people present. Like a bolt of lighting it struck the dummy point in my head that there was not one young female below 30 or 25 years of age. Their absence is the certainty of the deficiency in trust.

Perhaps it is the abyss of despair we are witnessing - they may lose! Throw as sacrifice an appeasement by those who have stolen - just a few millions - and placate the rising tsunami of the peasant’s anger. 

That political treachery against one is insignificant and pale in comparison to the betrayal of millions who may have never known how to write billions in figures. In despair there is the debauchery of desperation to:

*        Vilify a 92 year old ex-pm with all manner of innuendos

*        Persecute the Penang CM on a Nickel and dime charge and, going by the quality of our Ex-Chief Justice the heaviest punishment is to be expected.

*        Incarcerate the inventive innocent conscience of the person who created INVOKE.

If you don't know about it click this link,- https://www.invokemalaysia.org/

*        Remand, harass and hound a lady and her cohorts for painting on KL's canvass of life the unity of yellow for a few hours.

*        A known sodomite by the Govt standards has a 52 percent vote and is accepted as our leader, we know better as these fickle minded sickos and weirdo’s  would charge Mother Theresa on the filmiest, flippant invisibility of engaging in the flesh trade that is how ludicrous they have become.

Now nothing seems to matter to these buffoons with their fatalistic kamikaze smile and a feeding frenzy of a school of fat sharks still engaged in the pillage, plunder, sacking and hoarding for their future despite being caught repeatedly.

How to steal billions is no longer a science or art, the mechanism and methods are known. Make no mistake the Camel caravan of politicians can and will go through the eye of the needle and squeeze trillions through the same eye. 

The caveat is that Camels from Perak are excluded as they have found a deeper meaning and purpose   to meet humanity need for procreation on the word GO!

This Govt may feel that we need them more than they need us, that we love them more than they love themselves. Given the evidence this may be the only truth that matters.


My comments :  To Voltaire thank you again. A loud despair of a complaint. Having read and read and read history and having seen myself and still observing, please have absolute faith that - that which is evil cannot sustain. 

And village idiots pretending to be sophisticates will only trip over their wives skirts. They will all fall down and suffer broken bones.  They will be gone. Have absolute faith in this. 

If they are gone now, then we will have the house intact to be cleaned and managed again.

If they stay longer, then their entire house will collapse on them. We will have a cleaner slate to draw upon.

My view is now is the time to make ourselves stronger, better and ready to take up the slack. For when the village idiots fail, there will be a massive slack in the country. Everything will hang loose.

When that happens, that is when our compassion, care, love, efficiency, cleverness, commitment, responibility, hard work and a sense of national obligation must be prepared to contribute. That is when we must step up and take up the slack.  Who else will save this country?

If they wish to bungle that is their choice.  We will not bungle. 

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